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What I don't understand is why it would be delivered in the fall.   If the EDU market is a primary target, the product would have to be delivered by June, at least, or miss an entire school year.
 Nuts is putting it lightly. I'm no Catholic, but when you are fighting to force abortion and contraception on nuns, you're on the wrong side of history.
When you count the Pros who will move to the iMac, and replace it (and its display) every 2.5 years instead of 5, along with the amount of aluminium and power that will be used up by multiple separate external Thunderbolt drives, is the planet much further ahead?   I've said for a long time that Apple's "concern" for the environment is largely about watching out for their own bottom line.   If they really want to make an impact, they should redesign their flagship...
 Probably because when you walk into an Apple Store, you need a magnifying glass to find the section devoted to the Mini.
 He says this matter-of-factly, without sourcing. It would be nice to hear Apple say it. I couldn't find anything about this in the manual. Nevertheless, if it's rackable on the side, that's a good thing.  
And the argument that the new Pro is not really targeting pros is silly. They're just targeting specific pros.   The fact is that Apple has gone heavy on the Pro Video market with this upgrade. And deliberately so. They figure that Print will stick with iMacs, and many Government/Education markets are sizing down these days as well.   It's almost likely they're planning to release something big in the TV arena, and will be using Final Cut adoption to drive content to...
 Just posted about this in the Pro thread: The Mini is now the only real rackable choice for OS X server. Maybe this is part of the redesign? Removing the internal power supply would make it smaller (an Apple favourite), and more rack friendly.
 Yeah, that setup looked fishy to me. The Pro is made to vent out the top, and lying them sideways will likely cause damage. Not to mention the cable setup is insane. The Mini is the only real hope for a server now. And its Haswell version is strangely MIA.
 Yeah, but Apple's not introducing a Mini update this close to Christmas. Simultaneous with the Pro would have been the only real option.
I wanted to buy a Mini to upgrade my parents' setup this Christmas. That plan got scratched this morning.   Dyson may get the money instead.
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