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The Thunderbolt 2 thing is definitely a bit weird.   The (non-Retina) Airs have it, which means that the 13" Air will compete directly against the new MacBook in terms of performance for many people. And the Air is significantly cheaper.   It's not a major deal, but usually Apple is more careful not to have this kind of overlap in their product matrix.
I assume Apple will sell a companion hub for docking at home, but it will be interesting to see what the mobile solution looks like for those who want to plug in a USB device and charge the computer at the same time.   Also, no-one here cares that we've lost MagSafe?
No, but it will take a few months to reengineer the 15" with the new keyboard, trackpad and other stuff.
I've been wondering if the fact that the MacBook Air finally has worthy competition might have anything to do with a delay. I doubt it, but Dell did do a really good job with that one. The only problem seems to be the placement of the camera.
So...um...where's the Retina Air I was promised today?
 True, but if they are interested in promoting Thunderbolt 3 as the future they need to tie the new plug to the Mac products with the biggest upgrade cycles this year. That means getting it out on the Mac Pro (and iMac 5K and Macbook Pros) as soon as possible. If they skip the V2 upgrade of the Mac Pro, it will be another year before TB3 is introduced to the Pros who are most likely to use it.
 I can't imagine why DP 1.3 wouldn't be supported on the next Mac Pro. While it was finalized last fall, its major design has almost certainly been in company labs for more than a year. And I had thought we were expecting the next Mac Pro update to be unveiled mid-year (at WWDC?) and to feature Skylake chips, not Haswell.
Best explanation ever.
 I think the claim is that it will have a USB 3.1 port.
Before we start echoing the Final Cut X debate exactly, could the impatient Aperture users please take a deep breath and remember that in major software transitions Apple typically tries to get the basics right and then add complex features in the next few releases?   Aperture will continue to work in the meantime.
New Posts  All Forums: