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The IRS says it lost two years of Lois Lerner's emails. The very emails that just happen to be particularly relevant to the IRS targeting of conservatives.   In modern government systems, this is supposed to be impossible. When systems backup nightly or weekly, how can you possibly lose two years of data?   Will the liberals here call out the obvious corruption and deception in their own ranks?
Doesn't that just give the small business an incentive to stay small and not export products?
 I understood what you meant.  Which is the problem with the tax system. We authorized income taxes out of desperation to pay for a world war, and it created a never-ending government monster that now believes it's entitled to a cut of every single transaction on the planet simply because. Forget about the fact that even if Apple brought this money back into the country where it wasn't earned, they'd be spending it domestically and paying taxes on those transactions. Or...
 But why does the U.S. government care whether Apple has paid the full tax rates of a different country?
 I'm pro flat tax and tax reform in general, but your first point seems off. I'm not an expert on the U.S. tax system, but in general individuals are subject to tax treaties among industrialized nations (so for example, Canadians can work outside the country and not get double taxed.) In contrast, Apple has already paid taxes on its foreign earnings. Why should it be taxed again on the same money just because it is transferring it from one bank to another?
The iMac doesn't even have Thunderbolt 2 yet. So I assume this small rev will bring that up to date, along with HDMI 2.0. I'm assuming that USB 3.1 isn't ready for prime time yet.   Aside from that, 4K/Retina and RAM expansion in the 21" are the only things I can think of that are worth waiting for. Those will hopefully be in the next major update in the Fall.
 Almost all of the cases put forward in the media are religious conservative and Tea Party conservative groups.If anything, cases have been shown that several left wing groups had their paperwork expedited. If you are alleging that some/many/all of those affected were trying to "circumvent rules" with regard to 501c4 status, please provide some proof.Because everything I've seen so far has shown that this is a routine filing for U.S. non-profits, and few, if any, groups...
It was certainly a followup to your point on Iraq, but I don't believe you made the "out-of-touch" or "Emperor has no clothes" comments.
What about when the current White House sent in the IRS to attack its political opponents?   Where was the left wing on AI then? "Out of touch", and deliberately so.   Forget about having no clothes, much of AI's left wing simply have no principles.
Those are minor issues SDW.   The Obama admin is focused on the big stuff. Like killing the American cheese industry.
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