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 If you deliberately leave the old software in the App folder, and tell people who need certain features to use it until the new code has the equivalent features, how are you "disregarding user's productivity?" It's silly. If people want to jump to the latest and greatest in the first few weeks of release that's fine - Final Cut, Mavericks, Pages etc. But jumping immediately to new software has risks. It's why Mavericks isn't going on my HD until the first .1 release is...
Just saw the estimated cost of the D300 by Architosh.   I wonder, could Apple surprise and allow print publishing users to configure a Pro with only one FirePro card?   Adobe CS print publishers likely don't need dual cards, but they're still part of the pro market.   Could just deleting one graphics card bring the machine a lot closer to the traditional $2,499 starting price?
So the U.S. Government was shut down, in large part because Obama refused to negotiate a delay of ObamaCare's Individual Mandate.   And now they start to issue delays in the law anyway, without getting anything in return for it?
 Yeah, they "corrected" it by updating the software over the last two and a half years. Which was what they planned to do all along. And during the update period, they kept the previous version in the Applications folder and encouraged people who need the missing features to use that instead. Which is exactly what they've done with Pages.
 Good to know. I just remembered the speculation back when TB was announced. I know little about the tech itself.
 Nonsense. The need for parity was driven be the use of a common file format. The features that were removed will most likely be back in an update.Did we learn nothing from the Final Cut Pro X saga?
I was thinking that GPU expansion might soon be possible with TB 2.0.
Pixelmator is definitely a worthy PS alternative for most users. Photos and web graphics are what most people want.   Print/Desktop publishing pros are another matter. Pixelmator didn't do CMYK for years, and its creators openly said they didn't see it as a priority.   Even now, it's hard to tell if CMYK is truly supported in the way that print publishers need. So I've never bought it.   Thing is, if they had put in the effort, and even charged extra for CMYK...
 Isn't that the exact opposite of what Thunderbolt expansion is about?
While I'd like it ASAP, it does make sense to upgrade it alongside the new Display and Mac Pro in December.   Despite the fact that it's good for the money, Apple's going to need something to deflect the $2999. Mac Pro price, and an upgraded $599. Mini (with perhaps a prosumer $999. model) might do the trick nicely. Otherwise, all we're going to hear on FaceBook and Twitter all day is how expensive Macs are.   The only flaw in this thinking is if Apple decides that a...
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