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 I don't believe it's been forgotten. I firmly believe Apple is planning an update, I'm just confused as to why what should be a fairly simple redesign is taking so long. The new tech seems to be available, so it's a question of what else Apple is waiting on. For example, I understand the delay in updating the Thunderbolt Display. Cook is a channel supply guy, and he's waiting on a 4K panel that can be used profitably in both the TB Display and the upper end iMac, to...
We're on Day 38 of the New Year, and the new Mini hasn't arrived yet.   The changes would seem to be pretty standard: Remove the FW port, add HDMI2, TB2 and the AC version of Wi-Fi, shrink the form factor. [And please keep the ability to add RAM later!] I personally think they'll remove the SDXC card slot too.   Why is this taking so long?   Edit: This article mentions some of the smaller form factors the next Mini will be up against.
The White House releases an official statement saying that ObamaCare will free Americans from being "trapped in a job."   Seriously. I'm not making this up.
U.S. intelligence agencies last week urged the Obama administration to check its new healthcare network for malicious software after learning that developers linked to the Belarus government helped produce the website, raising fresh concerns that private data posted by millions of Americans will be compromised.
 Then Apple's product matrix is upside down. If they solder in the RAM in the $600. desktop, and allow upgradable RAM in the $3000. desktop, how does that work?
 I'm not so sure about that. The 'installer' market I referred to includes people setting the machine up as home automation and office servers.There were enough of these customers that Apple introduced a dedicated server model.
I wonder how serious Apple is about its Mac Pro Apps division.   You have to figure that picking up Pixelmator and Quark right now would be cheap.   If they worked their traditional pricing magic and reduced Quark to $399., suddenly whether Adobe supports the Mac or not would be an afterthought.
 If you've been maxing out with third-party RAM, you've been upgrading after your purchase. Soldered RAM will kill Mini sales even further.The machine's target markets (switchers, installers and DIYers) expect to be able to do basic upgrades.
 Look, everybody's frustrated with Apple's nonsensical approach to software development. Everything is being released incomplete these days. Numbers only got back the ability to sort a subset of rows today.And everyone knows that releasing a spreadsheet app that can't sort a subset of rows is insane, useless work. But at the same time, you guys force me to defend these dimwits, because you say things like Pages 5.0 is an admission of failure, or they focused it for kids in...
 Funny that Pixelmator would get CMYK support and there wasn't a giant hoopla about it in the Mac press. Especially considering that it has the potential to free many of us from Creative Cloud subscriptions.
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