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The 27" is used a lot in publishing. It'll be interesting to see how this works with CS6, since the GPU will already be taxed pretty hard.   Interesting machine, but I'll certainly wait for the reviews before I buy one.
 It may turn out that the wait to Retinize the mass-market-focused Air, Mini and iMac may have been for DisplayPort 1.3. Apple strangely didn't update the TB Display when the Pro shipped.Since the Pro is a niche machine, maybe they want to be sure all their lines can take advantage of it when it does.
 Nah, the product's real and the delay probably had more to do with redesign and chip delays. But it doesn't hurt for Apple to leak that it's coming to change the current direction of the Mac press.
This piece of good news seems suspiciously timed to placate Mac fans, and to increase internet speculation that pushes Bendgate/Bendgazi and iOS 8 update problems off to the side burners.   But we'll happily go along with it.
Is NCIS now a danger to American Civil Liberties?
So Apple's new intro schedule seems to be:   iPhones in September. iPads in October. Macs in November.   I understand that iOS devices are priority now. But for those of us that use Macs for real work, it's still disheartening.
 Yes, but does that approach really sound like Apple? Which is more likely for Apple: that they go with dual panels and devote engineering resources to macgyver a temporary solution, or that they wait for a single panel and devote their resources toward advancing Displayport 1.3 on the Mac?
While Displayport 1.3 is now official, it could take several months for parts to be manufactured.   And it seems more Apple-like to bake DP 1.3 into Thunderbolt 3, which isn't scheduled to debut until Skylake hits (next Summer or so?)   Furthermore, I haven't seen anyone suggesting a graphics card that can drive 5K and be used in a relatively affordable iMac. 27" iMacs are in widespread use in the graphics and publishing industries, so running the Adobe suites well is...
 The future is today.
Hopefully, now that the iOS dog-and-pony-show is over, we can get back to the good stuff.   We will almost surely get an iMac update before Christmas, and I hope the Mini replacement. iPads have to be refreshed as well, and maybe the Retina MacBook Air if it is ready.   I thought I'd seen a Xeon E5 update with more cores floating around the web, but I don't know enough about the chip side of things to predict if there's a Mac Pro update coming.
New Posts  All Forums: