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 Almost all of the cases put forward in the media are religious conservative and Tea Party conservative groups.If anything, cases have been shown that several left wing groups had their paperwork expedited. If you are alleging that some/many/all of those affected were trying to "circumvent rules" with regard to 501c4 status, please provide some proof.Because everything I've seen so far has shown that this is a routine filing for U.S. non-profits, and few, if any, groups...
It was certainly a followup to your point on Iraq, but I don't believe you made the "out-of-touch" or "Emperor has no clothes" comments.
What about when the current White House sent in the IRS to attack its political opponents?   Where was the left wing on AI then? "Out of touch", and deliberately so.   Forget about having no clothes, much of AI's left wing simply have no principles.
Those are minor issues SDW.   The Obama admin is focused on the big stuff. Like killing the American cheese industry.
Hmm. My screenshots started going to my Pictures folder around the time I switched to Mavericks, so I thought it was a system change. Googling for help seemed to confirm others were seeing this and it could only be changed in the Terminal (which I tend to avoid.)   My apologies for interrupting the thread with this. Carry on.
Does anyone know if Yosemite restores the ability to have screenshots appear on your desktop instead of them going to the Pictures folder?   Easily the worst part of my Mavericks experience.
Bringing back the 17" in slimmer form would be trés cool for DTPers, movie-editors and photographers.   But Apple's probably going to say that TB docking the 15" to a 27" display eliminates the need.
One thing though, this pretty well confirms that we won't see new iMacs until Yosemite releases in the Fall.   Fall begins on Sept 23, so we're probably looking at a post-iPhone 6 October event.
Microsoft publicly asks the U.S. government not to hack its servers.   Which, in reality, really means that Microsoft is aware that its servers are currently being hacked.   Buying a game console with a built-in camera is just asking for trouble.
Could someone detail the value of an iMac pushing 6400 pixels over the standard 4K rez?   Because aside from inflating the cost of the GPU needed, I'm not sure I see the point.
New Posts  All Forums: