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Hopefully, now that the iOS dog-and-pony-show is over, we can get back to the good stuff.   We will almost surely get an iMac update before Christmas, and I hope the Mini replacement. iPads have to be refreshed as well, and maybe the Retina MacBook Air if it is ready.   I thought I'd seen a Xeon E5 update with more cores floating around the web, but I don't know enough about the chip side of things to predict if there's a Mac Pro update coming.
Egypt and UAE are now ignoring the U.S. and launching air strikes of their own on Islamist targets.   This is as close to a vote of no confidence in American world power as you can get.
Hopefully the venting portion of the thread is almost done.   Don't get me wrong, Intuit richly deserves it, and Jobs should have handed Campbell his walking papers years ago over this debacle. Their stewardship of the Mac product has been abysmal, and everyone knows it.   That said, it is great to see the software finally running on a modern Mac codebase and I expect that updates will be annual from here on. Intuit knows that a lot of people won't bite until they...
 Just going by what I've read. Core M seems to be targeted at the Windows tablet/laptop hybrid market. The chips that are to power the Intel desktop NUC (which is smaller than the Mini) are supposed to come in 2015. While I don't expect Apple to mirror the NUC form factor, I think that if they see a chance to make the thing slimmer and fanless, they'll do it. Making something thinner and internally locked down for no good reason has Apple written all over it.
I think by now, as we skate toward September, that it's clear the Mini was slated for a 'mid-2014' redesign with the Broadwell chip and possibly a shrunken, fanless design. That is now out the window.   The chip delay has meant that the redesign will probably clock in around October instead.
The Cook reign has seen some weird times for iMac buyers.   First they introduced a thin iMac no-one could get their hands on for Christmas, and now it's clear they intended to bump to Broadwell for this Christmas and that (unless something drastically changes) seems to be out as well.   I think 4K is the real question here. Apple seems to be waiting on a screen that can do double duty (in the iMac and Thunderbolt monitor) to make the 4K jump. I have no idea if 4K...
 1. It's a competitor only in the sense that they are both playing in the same connector space. I wouldn't be surprised to see calls for Apple to adopt the new USB connector in place of Lightening in iDevices for environmental reasons. 2. Yeah, but I was hoping that Apple and the industry have been working alongside the USB guys. Using the example of how new 802.11 hardware is almost ready upon finalization of new wi-fi protocols. But yeah, USB work is slow for some...
Hmm. The new USB plug is now finalized. While I'm sure many think Apple will see it as a competitor to Lightning (which it is), it also affords Apple the chance to make MacBooks that are even thinner. Especially the MacBook Air.   Will Apple jump to this connector and USB 3.1 with the next rev?
Jobs was a great forward thinker and worked with all kinds of people. But he never spent more than five minutes on nonsense like this.   Where's the new Mini?
I was a bit puzzled about the timing of the MacBook Pro upgrade, since I don't recall Apple doing a spec update of the 'Books on a random summer week before.   However the rumoured iMac and Mini updates do make sense, since Apple often does a product update in the first week of August. In fact, they almost always announce something on the first Tuesday or Wednesday in August.   It's easy for a Torontonian to keep track of. You get back from the Simcoe Day long weekend,...
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