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How incompetent does a U.S. President have to be to lose Saudi Arabia?
If anybody with Mavericks has time to run CS5 through the gauntlet, I'd love to hear how it performs.
 If you're going to keep it around for school bulk purchasing, you might as well keep it on the Store as well.
ObamaCare is a mess, but at least people on Twitter are having fun with it.
Given that Canadians now have a Netflix-like subscription service for magazines, I'm going with the iPad 5.   I suspect I won't be alone. At $10/month, magazine addicts can easily offset the price of the tablet within two years.
 It will surface when it's ready.There are a lot of moving parts here: Totally new assembly line, Mavericks, Final Cut Pro, TB2, 4K monitors, graphics cards. It would be worse if it surfaced and we went through a debacle like the iMac introduction last year. Real pros will wait, talkers will talk. And I could be wrong, but I doubt it starts much higher than the current price.Whatever the SSDs and Graphics adds, the savings in materials and shipping will mostly offset. If...
Take...155 White House meetings involved key IRS scandal officials.   Add...White House official at centre of IRS scandal is Obama loyalist.   Mix in....NSA collecting millions of email/social media address books.   You get: Worst U.S. Presidential Administration ever.
I know next to nothing about processors. Could this impact any Mac hardware deliveries?
 But that's the issue isn't it? The Pro isn't shipped en masse like the iPad and iPhone are. That's part of why it's feasible to make in North America, because it's shipping [largely] one at a time and not in shipping containers.
 They speak for far more vets that the left does. Which is why military votes are always an issue for the left in U.S. presidential elections.
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