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Has Apple ever speed bumped the MacBook Pro line in the summer?   If they do, they're set for Back-to-School and I can't imagine a major upgrade this year if Broadwell's not shipping in quantity before Christmas.   So I guess no USB 3.1 till 2015, which meshes with Thunderbolt 3 as well.   And since Yosemite's free, you don't have to wait to buy.   That all seems good, though I'm still confused why we're past the middle of 2014 and the iMac still has Thunderbolt 1.  
 Is there any actual confirmation of this? Quicken Essentials for Mac was introduced in February 2010. We're about to enter August of 2014. They couldn't add features - which they had already designed and coded -  into another product in less than three and a half years?
 Attitudes like this are why Mac users can't have nice things. The correct answer is that Quicken doesn't exist on OS X, and to try one of the Mac alternatives. Telling a Mac user to use Windows is just wrong. It's just enabling companies like Intuit to ignore the Mac market.
 Yes, but after the NSA revelations, people are more wary about putting their accounting and tax data into the cloud. A full-featured Quicken for Mac would be doing well right now.
Hmmm. It's almost like certain people in government want an illegal immigrant invasion into the American south. I wonder why?
 But Apple JUST introduced a low-cost iMac with performance compromises beyond the normal. I don't think they would do that without a good reason.  The difference is that the 12" Powerbook was a decent machine. I used to own one. Eventually, I moved to a 15" because of the screen limitations, but the 12" was decent enough for everyday mobile computing.It just isn't a machine for photographers, serious video work or DTP.
Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. corralled unanimous votes on privacy and recess appointments — cases that dealt stinging defeats to Mr. Obama, himself a lawyer and former lecturer on constitutional law.   In the more than five years that Mr. Obama has been in office, the court has rejected the government’s argument with a 9-0 decision 20 times.
The Jobsing of Aperture leads me to believe that Apple knows its product line is growing too wildly and needs to be pruned a bit. If this translates to hardware, I expect that the 11" will be cut when the line goes Retina.   I know this is anecdotal, but I don't think I've personally seen anyone with an 11" in at least two years. I'd be interested to hear the stories of those who have one and do real work on them. At the Apple Store, it always looks too small for my...
 The way I see it, the more government is unaccountable and involved in cronyism, the more it will be involved in areas where the national interest isn't the single overriding issue. I also think it should be obvious why there's more anger here over the IRS scandal than the Yemen situation. We know people targeted in the IRS witch hunt, and nobody on AI lives in Yemen.
 If the Government can't be held in check locally by those to whom it's supposed to be accountable, how would you ever expect to fix its international policies? Domestic lawlessness breeds cronyism and corruption, which is then manifested outside the country.
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