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 I don't think that's the real point here. I think Intel leaked this because in a couple of months we're going to start hearing about the availability of 'PCI outside the Box', which is said to have the advantages of Thunderbolt with far less cost. I think this smells like a timed leak designed to distract and dissuade from a serious potential competitor.
 Noticed that, but Canada won so I'm okay with it.
Well we're in April and still have yet to see a Mac hardware release for the year. Is everything going to be shoehorned into the last few months of the year, like in 2013?   If Apple had silently updated the Mini last fall with the other Macs, how would that have interfered with this (apparent) coming redesign?   At this point, I think Apple is just starving the market so when the new machine comes out they can claim impressive first-day sale numbers.
The wait for 4K really isn't a huge problem, but the fact that the current iMac doesn't have Thunderbolt 2 may become an issue later.
 Home on iPod without the iPod. Interesting. This would flip the Mini into the mobile category.  Thing is, Apple usually gets the chips a bit early, don't they? The refresh would be announced before the PC world had it.
 I don't dispute that. I'm just saying I expect both upgrades (4K and TB2) to happen on the iMac at the same time.
 Personally, I've always thought the iWatch and iTV leaks were simply Columbus-level distractions from whatever else Apple is planning to debut.I agree that it takes several years between "home-run" products and expectations for the Next Big Thing are a little out of hand. That said, I'm only asking about Mac updates. The Mini doesn't seem to be a big deal to update, and Apple certainly isn't going to debut new tech on the Mac model they love to hate. So where's my new...
The Mini's still untouched and the iMac still lacks Thunderbolt 2, but today we got....the iPad 4. Again.   It's always been hard to tell what's going on inside Apple. But the company has become much harder to figure out since the Jobs era.   We had silence for more than half of 2013, and then a whole bunch of product updates late in the year. Perhaps Jobs' fiery temper really did bring stuff out faster than otherwise.   We know 4K is being rolled out in the OS, so...
Can you Hackintosh an Intel NUC? Or a Shuttle?   One would think that sub-$500 computers would be the right price for people willing to risk using unsupported PC configs.   I wonder if this revolution in small, cheap PCs played a role in Apple discontinuing retail boxed versions of the OS?
I'm amazed that we're still waiting on a 2014 Mini update. While Macs are still integral to Apple, the casual buyer could be forgiven for wondering if Apple cares about a product it hasn't updated at all for 500 days, and which hasn't had a major design change since the optical was removed in 2011.   Hopefully, the wait implies a major upgrade, but if so I'm still surprised Apple is spending so much time on such a small part of the lineup. I would have thought Apple...
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