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Seems like the mini-desktop form factor is starting to take off and is also impacting corporate sales in tough economic times.   Does Apple not want a piece of this action? Where's the new Mini?
 Apple has said so. Actions speak louder...
The American government, headed by a so-called constitutional law expert (or so we were told by the left here in 2008) continues to break the law in support of a health care plan that everyone knows is killing U.S. jobs by the thousands.
 True, but given that Apple's been working on approving real handheld gaming controllers, I think things are being kicked up a notch. Regardless of their 'hobbyist' claims, Apple only enters product categories to win them.
 There is a purpose to it. The same reason that the Xbox one and PS4 were previewed before their launch. Games take time to code. And we've known for awhile that gaming would be part of the new Apple TV mix.
NAACP requires Photo ID for marchers protesting Photo ID laws.
 Is this a rumour? Hadn't heard that Minis were slated to be produced in the homeland. I would have thought that cost concerns on this line and ease of shipping the smaller units would mean assembly in China.
 I don't believe it's been forgotten. I firmly believe Apple is planning an update, I'm just confused as to why what should be a fairly simple redesign is taking so long. The new tech seems to be available, so it's a question of what else Apple is waiting on. For example, I understand the delay in updating the Thunderbolt Display. Cook is a channel supply guy, and he's waiting on a 4K panel that can be used profitably in both the TB Display and the upper end iMac, to...
We're on Day 38 of the New Year, and the new Mini hasn't arrived yet.   The changes would seem to be pretty standard: Remove the FW port, add HDMI2, TB2 and the AC version of Wi-Fi, shrink the form factor. [And please keep the ability to add RAM later!] I personally think they'll remove the SDXC card slot too.   Why is this taking so long?   Edit: This article mentions some of the smaller form factors the next Mini will be up against.
The White House releases an official statement saying that ObamaCare will free Americans from being "trapped in a job."   Seriously. I'm not making this up.
New Posts  All Forums: