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 Yeah, that setup looked fishy to me. The Pro is made to vent out the top, and lying them sideways will likely cause damage. Not to mention the cable setup is insane. The Mini is the only real hope for a server now. And its Haswell version is strangely MIA.
 Yeah, but Apple's not introducing a Mini update this close to Christmas. Simultaneous with the Pro would have been the only real option.
I wanted to buy a Mini to upgrade my parents' setup this Christmas. That plan got scratched this morning.   Dyson may get the money instead.
 We have a winner. Post-its are a kludgy solution (been using one for much of the past year) but there is no current defence for a hacker listening to your office conversations. I suspect this is more common than we know.
 Nope. I bailed on the Pro line when it stagnated and went to an iMac (the first Mac I owned that always felt restricted.) So I will need a new monitor if I trade up. But there's no reason people with an existing TB Display could keep using them.  Knowing Apple, they're hardwiring the RAM and hard drive to match the graphics card.They'll probably make it smaller and hit the $499. price tag again. If it's disposable, $399 would be better.  It's a pricey rethink to be sure,...
 Don't make jokes like that. Just don't..... 
 Yeah, but most people don't need 4K just yet (or Apple would have their own 4K monitor) but it's margin suicide not to have an up-to-date monitor to tempt buyers with, particularly corporate accounts that are probably leasing the equipment anyway. The current TB Display will work. But it's TB1, not TB2 and still has FW800 instead of a USB 3 port (again, not absolutely essential - but a reason to trade upward.) It would also be a great time to make the thing adjustable, so...
I'm really glad to see it out before Christmas, but I still don't understand.   Without a new monitor, Apple's essentially selling half a system.   And where's the Haswell Mini? When you can configure a $10,000 desktop tomorrow, isn't everybody going to be talking about how expensive Macs are?
Okay, so today's out of the running.   I can't believe the new Pro will get a silent intro during the height of the Christmas season.   After waiting for the last six years, the maiden voyage of our newest flagship deserves more pomp and circumstance than this.
I don't understand why the Roku 3 doesn't have an antenna input so users can leverage free local HD-over-the-air channels and hasten the cord cutting revolution.
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