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The most conservative justices on the U.S. Supreme court take a stand for consumer rights, outvoted by liberals who back Big Cable.
All you require is a President who loves his country and is willing to do what it takes.   And one that understands that the job will be for one term only, and he will be vilified and hated afterward.
 Heh. Well done. Any idea if that Cricket Channel is available in Canada?  Also, I've seen references on the Net to ABC being the first news network to stream like this. I don't think that's correct. While it's not everyone's cup of tea (even moreso than Fox News), CBN News has been broadcasting 24/7 online for years.
Apparently, the reason the U.S. wants to wind down involvement in overseas wars is because the military gear is needed to handle people at home.
 Watergate was about politicians stealing from other politicians. The IRS scandal is far worse, since it's about criminals in government abusing power and going after regular citizens.
 Um, no. Apple's not going to offer three sets of MacBook Airs (11", 12" 13"), alongside two sets of 13" MacBook Pros. Not unless they've learned nothing from the bad old days of Amelio.
 You mean you still dodge the facts when they are presented to you? Again, why was IRS leadership regularly visiting the White House under Obama, when they rarely ever had cause to do so under Bush? What changed?
 Sounds interesting. Thanks, I'll look into it.
 All liberals have is lies. And your response is just a typical liberal lie. How many times did this IRS honcho meet with the Obama White House? How many times did IRS leadership meet with the Bush White House? It's all out there for everyone to see. Compared to the corrupt Obama administration and their equally corrupt followers, Bush and his neo-cons actually come out looking like decent people here. That's how bad this is. And you won't call them on harassing and...
 What a crock. We hare talking about a LEADER of the IRS who has been proven to have met with the White House throughout the Obama mandate and whose emails to the White House have conveniently gone missing. This isn't low-level employees working on their own, as the left wishes to spin it. And it doesn't just "have political overtones", it's a blatant attempt to abuse the law and harass conservatives. The emails of the head of the IRS don't disappear unless someone...
New Posts  All Forums: