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Daylite can sync with Contacts and Calendar, so the function is available to apps (which use Core Data?)   If Filemaker is truly outside of Apple and focuses on the business market, surely they can break with the Apple-like secrecy and tell us whether somebody's working on this, or if they don't anticipate it being available in the future.   At the very least, it would stop people like me from whining about it every year when the new upgrade comes out.
 This is what worries me most about Filemaker. There are ridiculously talented FM developers who can do amazing things with the software.There's a large user community built around the software, and by all accounts developers are friendly and open. And yet nobody can come up with an easy way to integrate OS X's Contacts and Calendar? After a decade of requests? If it hasn't happened by now, is it ever going to happen?
 Okay, that's really funny, but a bit one-sided. I've advocated that Filemaker create Project Management and CRM products based on Filemaker, but the former Claris had gone hogwild in the old days creating CAD, Animation, Web development, Email, Calendar and Form Design software. And I'm guessing each of those had a distinctly different codebase. Most of those niches were upended (multiple times) by the web, and in the dark days when Apple's future...
 Absolutely. I'm likely moving my invoicing to a full fledged accounting app for 2014, but I've used Filemaker for invoicing and contact management for much of the last two decades. It's a great and powerful app. As regulars will know, my only big problem with Filemaker is the lack of integration with Contacts and Calendar.
 I'm totally ignorant about these things, so I'm just asking: An SSD would generate more heat than a 5400rpm drive?
 I would guess next week. If they're sticking to Tuesdays, a Dec. 17 release means people will have to work through Christmas if there's a serious software glitch upon release. And that close to Christmas, very few are going to care about the release of the new flagship. So I'm guessing next Tuesday. But Apple is crazy, so leaving one guy in the office to email a press release out on Dec. 30 is entirely possible.
Interesting. Hopefully the new browser feature means that someone will use Filemaker to create a great CRM product.   Of course, Filemaker is probably still hobbled by its inability to play nice with OS X's Contacts and Calendar.
Ouch. Obama is #17 on GQ's list of The Least Influential People of 2013.   'A very eloquent hat stand'. The media is finally waking up to what conservatives have been saying for 6 years now.
Maybe I phrased that badly. I didn't strictly mean a 'replacement' for the FW ports.   I meant that the replacement for the Apple 27" Thunderbolt display is overdue.   I presume Apple's just going to swap USB 3 ports on the monitor for the FW ports and ship a new version, unless they have managed somehow to produce a new 4K Thunderbolt monitor without anyone getting wind of it.   The release of the Pro is supposed to satisfy pent-up demand for high end machines from...
 Not a slam, but I don't know how anyone can truly consider a Mac Pro without knowing the price of the monitor to which it's being attached. Are we really going to buy a new monitor with FW800 ports? It seems odd that the replacement hasn't been announced [or rumoured] yet.
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