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 Nah, security is going the way of the digital hub.There are concerns to be sure, but it's too late to stop the train.
Monitoring water use and indoor air quality would also seem like great options.   Though the latter seem more of a NEST kind of thing.
 Primarily because it wasn't a full year, it was the Fall of 2013 and we didn't see anything really new. Now, as jungmark mentioned, there's likely going to be a spurt of releases next week and then in the fall again. I'll hold off on criticism till I see the actual products, but cutting $100. off the iMac doesn't seem to me to be the way to grow sales of Macs.I want something that makes the iMac a must have again. Maybe, as I said here years ago, if they could tie home...
Oh dear, another 'year-of-the-chock-full-pipeline' quote.   Last one didn't turn out so well, but here's hoping.
 But not in the 21-incher. And recent reports say that sales for that model are lagging [can't find the link right now.] If cutting margins and delivering lower priced iMacs is really on the table, one would think it would be preferable to deliver more value.  For many of us, access to RAM and the hard drive adds value. That one person out of the ten is the smart one. :) 
If they do drop prices on the iMac, form will have finally and completely overtaken function.   The problem with the iMac isn't the price, it's the inability to replace the RAM and HD.   Design a semi-serviceable iMac, and keep the price and profit margin where they are.
 Not for print, but I think that's deliberate. Adding CMYK and Pantone-matching would make it easy for Pixelmator to charge $99. for a Pro version. The fact that they haven't done this, knowing fully well that it's always a top request, means they've either cut a deal with Adobe not to directly take on Photoshop or they are worried that directly competing with Photoshop will bring ugly consequences for them.
The 2-3 weeks wait means nothing.   I'd bet that there are a huge number of pros who've decided to wait until they can order a full system, i.e. Mac Pro + upgraded Apple monitor. I have no idea what's taking so long. Maybe Apple really is waiting for 4K panels to drop.   I think if you add in those potential orders, shipping times will be back to months.
The Mini now competes, in part, with the Intel NUC. Mobile computers-in-your-pocket are now a real thing.   If Apple's retooling the Mini, this market has to be part of the equation.   I understand that the Mini wouldn't NEED a 4K monitor, but if Apple hasn't built a low end monitor for the Mini yet, they aren't going to at all.   So whatever the next display upgrade is (4K or not) it will be the default solution for the Mini.
Believe it or not, I think it's being held back for the 4K screen. I think the Mini's about to go mobile.   Mobile is where everything's at now, and 'Home on iPod' never really took off.   Users can take their computer from home to work without a hassle, in their pocket.   However, in true Apple style, they want to sell you two (!) screens for the privilege, and so the product cannot debut before the next display upgrade is ready to ship.
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