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 But that's the issue isn't it? The Pro isn't shipped en masse like the iPad and iPhone are. That's part of why it's feasible to make in North America, because it's shipping [largely] one at a time and not in shipping containers.
 They speak for far more vets that the left does. Which is why military votes are always an issue for the left in U.S. presidential elections.
 The key thing about the pricing is how much Apple accountants estimate they will save on shipping. Assuming that the U.S. robots build them as cheaply as China would, Apple saves on shipping both because of the distance-to-market, and because of the new smaller form factor. Whether that savings is as high as $500 is anyone's guess, but I think that would be pushing it.
 Always in search of that Holy Grail. I understand the benefits of the single payer model. Why is it so hard for the other side to understand that the [profit-driven] U.S. health care industry is currently responsible for most of the medical innovations in the world today? Playing ideological games with this is going to kill a lot of people, not all of them American.
ObamaCare is also making it worthwhile to make less money. This is going to work out well for the U.S. economy.   What could possibly go wrong?
Obama makes Palin look like a genius.
 Keep the politics out of Future Hardware. That's what PO is for. And I was referring to the physical Apple Stores, where usually one lonely Mini sits all by itself against a wall. It sits right next to the one Mac Pro model, which was itself forgotten by Apple until this June. In contrast, whole tables are used to display the AIO products: MacBooks, iMacs and iPads.
There will be no announcement, just a silent update and press release. Apple hates the Mini.   If you question that, just look at how it's presented at the Apple Store. If you can find it.
Confirmation that the Obama White House is getting confidential tax information from the IRS.
 You could be right, but the hope of a real midrange Mac alternative has been beaten out of me over the years. I'd be totally happy if Apple just gave access to the 27" iMac's internal drive. Surely with SSDs an eject function can be added. I still say that Apple wants TB2 to debut on the Pro as a talking point, so the iMac will get it in the first 2014 rev, and the TB2-less Mini will get announced silently the week the Pro debuts. Experience triumphs over hope for me,...
New Posts  All Forums: