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 If you've been maxing out with third-party RAM, you've been upgrading after your purchase. Soldered RAM will kill Mini sales even further.The machine's target markets (switchers, installers and DIYers) expect to be able to do basic upgrades.
 Look, everybody's frustrated with Apple's nonsensical approach to software development. Everything is being released incomplete these days. Numbers only got back the ability to sort a subset of rows today.And everyone knows that releasing a spreadsheet app that can't sort a subset of rows is insane, useless work. But at the same time, you guys force me to defend these dimwits, because you say things like Pages 5.0 is an admission of failure, or they focused it for kids in...
 Funny that Pixelmator would get CMYK support and there wasn't a giant hoopla about it in the Mac press. Especially considering that it has the potential to free many of us from Creative Cloud subscriptions.
Does Pixelmator even allow you to work in CMYK mode yet?   I remember a couple of years back the founders said they saw no real need for CMYK, which to the Pro market is an insane comment. Nice software, but haven't paid much attention to it lately.
It's great to hear we live in a world where the U.S. Department of Homeland Security can be drawn into disputes where someone is accused of pirating a movie using a mini-camcorder.
Filemaker really can be a confusing company to depend on for your business.   The 'Pro' product comes with Contact, Tasks and Invoicing templates, but no Sales Pipeline template. So you can identify customers and invoice them, skipping the critical business step where you actually sell them stuff.   Meanwhile, the consumer product Bento, actually has Sales Pipeline and Opportunity templates, but that application is now dead.   Anybody know of a good Filemaker...
Given the rising issue of the three-year-old overheating MacBook Pros, one wonders how the 5mm-thin iMacs introduced in late 2012 will fare in the coming years. Not to mention that a 4K screen will add considerably to the graphics card requirements.   Not sure I want to take a chance on that until I see how the affected MacBook Pro users are treated.
I simply refuse to believe that Apple will wait for June to update the Mini.   One would think that they would at least bring Thunderbolt 2 and 802.11ac to the Mini in a hurry, if not HDMI 2.0.   But Apple just got done shipping an outdated Mac Pro for years without a redesign, so anything's possible I guess.
 I'm assuming that they wanted the much more profitable desktop line (Mac Pro) out the door and reviewed on the web before updating the Mini. Yes, I know they don't directly compete. But it's good business sense not to bring the lower profit line out first.
 Missed this question. Apple said on November 11, 2013 that some of the missing features will be restored within six months.Which gives them until May 11, 2014. But I think March is a good candidate for an iWork Service Pack. (You act recklessly like Microsoft in the 90's, you deserve the mocking...)
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