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 True. I don't know anyone who has one, and I know at least a dozen people who in the past had PM G4/G5s. I always assumed that because Apple didn't intro a complete system (an updated monitor to go with the canister) that a lot of businesses went with the iMac for graphic design. Video pros need the raw power but Adobe suite publishers and illustrators can get away with the iMac.
 Another port isn't going to do anything for your "extra dongles" problem. If Apple puts a second port on the MacBook, it's almost certainly going to be another USB 3.1 port. If you need VGA or HDMI, you'll still need to carry around the adapter.
 Given that they will be baking a new shell to accommodate the new port scheme anyway, a slight increase in size isn't a problem. I do think that the MacBook Pro, at 4.5 pounds, is as heavy as Apple's going to want it to be. So I'm not sure Apple will increase the size if it adds noticeably more weight to the machine.
The Air was also minimalist when it debuted in 2008. The extra ports got added later.   For a stroll down memory lane, read MacWorld's first review of the Air, and tell me if anything sounds vaguely familiar.   Apple always does this with version 1, in part to push the limits of tech and in part to generate internet buzz.   Future versions of the MacBook will have more power and ports, guaranteed.   By that time the Retina Premium will also have disappeared, as...
 The 14"/16" idea is being thrown around the forum a lot, but does anybody know if there's really enough room in the MBP to remove the bezel and gain an inch of screen width? If Apple managed to go edge to edge (and somehow dealt with the camera placement) how big of a screen would fit in the 15" Pro?
Okay, maybe before November...
This chip isn't going to be used in a Mac Pro. Apple's not going to put a mobile chip in their flagship workstation.They'd get laughed at by everybody, not just Windows users. This mobile Xeon will almost certainly be put into a 15" (or maybe Wizard's 16") redesigned MacBook Pro. It's obvious that Apple's been waiting on Skylake/TB3 to upgrade the Mac Pro.I think a "Professional" media event will be announced by November.
Intel is now saying that the demand for the mobile Xeon is, in part, coming from "designers and content creators". The chips include TB3 and USB 3.1.   That's as close as you can practically come to saying "we're building this chip because Apple asked us to."
 Great points. When is that conference?
It may come with a Xeon chip!
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