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I'm not a developer and so have no horse in this race, but it seems to me that if WWDC is sold out (and it always is) then it can only help Apple to have the keynote shown at another developer conference taking place simultaneously.   I could understand if they were charging for the event, but it's a free online stream.
 This is no time to be humorous. Ports are really important stuff, especially concerning protocols that aren't yet available, made for computers that won't be announced for months, due to chips that aren't yet manufactured.
 Thank you. It's like this article went out of its way to bury the important news.
 And where are you planning on purchasing the software to run on this non-Intel Mac?
  I'll go further than that. I believe we're going to see TWO Thunderbolt displays this fall. I think we'll see an 8K version of the iMac/Thunderbolt Display in the 28"-32" range, and a 4K iMac/Thunderbolt Display in the 21"-24" range.
That does sound like a good plan. I've personally always struggled with going the external RAID option. Never really understood the RAID thing and never preferred my hard drive with all my files being left so vulnerable to theft. (Must go back to my time in a cubicle, when office supplies (even chairs) suddenly became community property.) And yes, I do understand an iMac is just as vulnerable to theft. I'm irrational, okay? Truth be told, I like having the hard drive be a...
One thing is certain. If Apple elected to release MacBook Pro and iMac updates within 2 weeks of WWDC, they must be really confident that whatever they are going to announce at WWDC will go over very well.
I guess so. I've never used a Mac Pro, but if you can remove the SSD stick and put it into another machine or expansion box, it would qualify as an immediate hard drive replacement. Right?
 Of course I have a backup, actually two. But if you reinstall your Time Machine backup onto your laptop and use it for a week, when your new machine comes back you have to wipe the hard drive and reinstall everything again. That's complicated, risky, and takes a lot of time (at least the last time I reinstalled a TM backup it was.) Conversely, you used to be able to open the iMac, remove the hard drive and go about your business. Bam, you're back at work. His point was...
Yes, but he has a point. Apple recalled the iMacs a couple years ago and I lost mine for six days. For a creative professional, that's a frustrating experience. Even if you have a backup machine to check the web and email, all your files are on the iMac. Ideally there'd be a low end version of the Mac Pro and a 27" screen to cure this problem, but so far not.
New Posts  All Forums: