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As last year with Yosemite, I will be grateful to any Bothans who can supply information on whether Adobe CS5 works with El Capitan.   I'm particularly interested in whether Adobe InDesign CS5 has any issues, since Photoshop can now be replaced if necessary (for me anyway) by Affinity Photo.
Apple introduced the 5K iMac and an upgraded Mac Mini on the same day of Yosemite's release last year. On a Thursday in mid-October.   So perhaps they've decided to release El Capitan earlier this year just because it was ready, or maybe they want to release a .1 update before releasing the new Skylake Macs in mid-to-late October.   The lack of rumours at this stage is troubling though. I'm waiting for the fall upgrades to purchase, so maybe I'm just getting antsy.
Apple's chosen to make El Capitan available via press release. No Skylake hardware announcements yet, but for now it is beginning to look like I was wrong about an October Mac event.
We still have five days to go till the 6S ships, and Apple's probably going to give it a week or so to allow the newest iPhone to hold the headlines.   Then they'll either then leak or announce the Mac event. There will be an event because I don't think Apple's ever released an operating system solely by press release, when Macs are being upgraded in the same timeframe. Also, with this upgrade cycle Apple is quarterbacking Thunderbolt 3 connectivity, which isn't the kind...
 Aside from its own software apps, Apple's now managing four distinct operating systems: OS X, iOS, watchOS and tvOS. I imagine it's tough enough keeping all the system software and applications straight and compatible with each other without adding the complexity of managing another mass software transition within OS X.
Add these to Skylake, and then someone please inform AI that this cannot be referred to as a "mid-cycle refresh".
I have no idea. But the next iMacs will be unveiled next month, and I'm almost certainly buying one.
Quoted, because I'm totally a genius.
 Apple has done some dumb things before, but they're not crazy enough to 'accidentally' forget to make a display for the Mac Pro. The tech wasn't ready, and now with TB3, Skylake, 5K and higher display possibilities, a 4K mass market phone and updated HDMI, the pieces are all there for the picking. Apple's not killing the Pro line without one serious attempt at selling a complete Pro system.
It should be upgraded this fall, since Apple will move quickly to mainstream Thunderbolt 3.   The question is, will the Mac Pro upgrade be ready in October, when the iMacs are likely to get their spec bump?   Even if they aren't ready, Apple should probably pre-announce the coming upgrade, since a number of business and education clients will be looking to upgrade this fall and might buy an 8K iMac when they would really prefer the new Pro.   If the Pro's margins are...
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