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I still miss the annual Blu-Ray vs. HD-DVD fights from the mid-2000s. 
 It's not unique. Every country deals with this issue. Every single one. While all recent presidents have been bad in this area, a 70% increase under one President's watch is nothing to sneeze at. Especially when Obama criticized the mounting debt while he was a senator and put his name forward as someone who could and would deal with it. And for much of his term he had a Senate controlled by his party, and they couldn't (or more accurately wouldn't) even pass a budget. I...
The U.S. debt vaulted past $18 trillion dollars today. According to Breitbart, it's skyrocketed 70% since Obama took office.   Since unfunded liabilities probably at least quintuple this figure, and there's absolutely no plan on how to pay it all back, I think it's safe to say that the U.S. economy now has no way out.   When Canada - of all countries - decides to bail on the reserve status of the U.S. dollar, you may as well admit that that things are on a very, very...
Of course, when a future neo-con president declares that he will arbitrarily decide which laws he will enforce, this will be evil again.
 If this innovation is truly performance-based and not simply meant to turn computers into disposable commodities to be replaced every three years, shouldn't it begin with the Pro and not the Mini? Why can I replace the RAM in a Pro and not a Mini? Did making the Mini's RAM non-upgradable this year make it significantly faster?
For the first time I can remember, a U.S. President is hoping only certain people watch his televised speech, and desperately hopes that much of the rest of the nation tunes out.   But co-ordinating a U.S. presidential speech so that it essentially serves as the half-time show for the Latin Grammys is certainly historic all on its own.
USB 3.1 is coming to TVs as well. Note this:  Huh? I thought the first devices with 3.1 were to be out by the end of this year? Has it been delayed again? Will we actually see Thunderbolt 3 before the new USB?
Good to hear. Do you use InDesign a lot? (The other poster said he was having problems with it.)
Great. I usually wait for the .1 release before loading any new OS.   Although I still haven't seen any straight answers on whether the Adobe CS5 versions work with Yosemite.
Redmond is open sourcing .NET and is planning to bring the technology to Mac OS X.   I think this means that the ACT contact manager can finally make its way to the platform, if Marketcircle's Daylite hasn't eaten most of its lunch already.   ACT used to be a most-requested piece of software for the Mac, but CRMs have moved online and there are dozens of options for Mac business users now.   Are there any other interesting software programs that were previously .NET...
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