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I have no idea. But the next iMacs will be unveiled next month, and I'm almost certainly buying one.
Quoted, because I'm totally a genius.
 Apple has done some dumb things before, but they're not crazy enough to 'accidentally' forget to make a display for the Mac Pro. The tech wasn't ready, and now with TB3, Skylake, 5K and higher display possibilities, a 4K mass market phone and updated HDMI, the pieces are all there for the picking. Apple's not killing the Pro line without one serious attempt at selling a complete Pro system.
It should be upgraded this fall, since Apple will move quickly to mainstream Thunderbolt 3.   The question is, will the Mac Pro upgrade be ready in October, when the iMacs are likely to get their spec bump?   Even if they aren't ready, Apple should probably pre-announce the coming upgrade, since a number of business and education clients will be looking to upgrade this fall and might buy an 8K iMac when they would really prefer the new Pro.   If the Pro's margins are...
Watching TV is still watching TV whether it is video streamed via internet or via cable box, or PS4.Whether it is via computer screen or flatscreen in the living room. I stand by that statement. Everyone watches some TV. The 'hobby' thing is just misdirection. Apple's had big TV (or video, if you prefer) ambitions since the days of the Quicktime TV server.If they believe they finally have a shot at the throne, they're going to go all out for it.
Yes, it's in a 7000-seat theatre. It's also being streamed to Windows users for the first time. It's about the TV. Everyone watches TV. Apple has had high hopes for TV for a decade, and it's finally time. When you go after Big Cable and Nintendo at the same time, it's helps to make a big splash. The Mac updates will wait a month, unless the new iMacs 'hook' into the TV universe somehow.
I don't care how big the room is. Apple is not going to introduce new iPhones, iPads, iMacs, MacBooks, Mac Pros and El Capitan all at one event.   An October event is all but guaranteed.
Yes, but after all that drama didn't Apple bring a known file-system guru in-house and the speculation was that they were going to build ZFS-like tech into Mac OS X all by themselves?
 Yeah, Apple was rumoured years ago to be working on a ZFS-like FS upgrade. Never came to light. No one seems to know why.  In the bad-ole days, Apple started using mobile processors in the All-in-Ones partly for heat reasons, but mainly because it gave them economies of scale for the Powerbook/MacBook line when buying PowerPC chips from IBM. Nowadays we are back to the point where the iMac and MacBook Pro numbers are each high enough on their own to justify separate...
Does Apple have a note on the box instructing users not to operate the machines in direct sunlight?   If not, class action suit starts in 5...4...3...
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