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I love PO. We're on a board where lefties were too traumatized to come out and discuss the 2014 midterms, but we're going to skip that - and 2016 - and talk about politicizing the Moon.   I love it here. I really do.
I think Pixelmator and Adobe hatched some kind of non-aggression pact early on.   It's the only reason not to include a CMYK mode. They clearly have the expertise to do it, and their user base/potential users have been begging for it since day one.   This whole excuse that "CMYK isn't the future" is either a really weak cover for the pact or a giant "we don't care what you want" from the developers. I think it's the former.
Reporter posts video of government hacking her computer before her very eyes.   What's also interesting is, she's clearly working on a Mac.
Take heart, with a 12" coming and the move to 5K, the lineup may shift to 12" 14" and 16" options.
 Here it is. $1399. - great price, 31" and colour-accurate with Thunderbolt support. And it's black. Unless you really need 5K (and who does ) the Pro just got the screen it's been waiting for.
We've already established that using the TB cable to an existing Mac does not work.
Obama's IRS now going after the middle class, preemptively.
Democrats are in danger of losing the Senate, so it's the perfect time to raise the issue of regulating speech on the internet.
When are these oft-delayed Broadwell chips now supposed to arrive? Early or Mid-year?
Thunderbolt 3 announced early. 5K controllers made in-house. DisplayPort 1.3 is finalized. USB 3.1 Type C is finalized. DDR4 in production and double density.   The second-gen Mac Pro is going to rock. You guys need to chill a bit. Don't go crazy with spending this Christmas and save your pennies for an amazing upgrade (and companion screen) in the New Year.
New Posts  All Forums: