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 I know they are. Which is why I figured it would be today. Apple's website says "Coming in December" today, and I can't believe they would outright lie to their professional customers. For some people waiting to buy with corporate budgets, ordering pre-Dec 31 is a big deal.
 I sincerely hope you're wrong. Pushing the release into the Christmas-New Year's break is terrible.
Still almost two hours before Cupertino starts work.
Okay, so I guess it's the 16-17th.  
Awhile back I posted on one of the forums (can't remember if it was AI) that I was looking for a cover for the iSight camera built into the iMac.   I was called paranoid. Turns out you're not paranoid if they're really out to watch you.   I always wondered why Jobs, who obsessed about details, didn't build a cover into the iSight cameras. Guess now we know.   Bear in mind that if FBI hackers can do this, a whole lot of other hackers likely can also.
 That was my guess.  The 16th and 17th have been bandied about, but any serious software or hardware issues that crop up upon release (like the WD drive problem with Mavericks) would seem to require some Apple employees to work through Christmas. What kind of company would plan for something like that?
 Yep. An update to the iMac seems imminent after the New Year. With people wondering how USB 3.1 vs Thunderbolt is going to shake out, Apple really needs to ensure that TB2 gets solid support from all lines.
 That's fine, the 4K market is in its infancy and time is on their side. They'll go 4K when it makes sense. But it would be nice to know when the 27" will be updated and the cost. Apple's not big on roadmaps, but we're in unique economic times here.
Daylite can sync with Contacts and Calendar, so the function is available to apps (which use Core Data?)   If Filemaker is truly outside of Apple and focuses on the business market, surely they can break with the Apple-like secrecy and tell us whether somebody's working on this, or if they don't anticipate it being available in the future.   At the very least, it would stop people like me from whining about it every year when the new upgrade comes out.
 This is what worries me most about Filemaker. There are ridiculously talented FM developers who can do amazing things with the software.There's a large user community built around the software, and by all accounts developers are friendly and open. And yet nobody can come up with an easy way to integrate OS X's Contacts and Calendar? After a decade of requests? If it hasn't happened by now, is it ever going to happen?
New Posts  All Forums: