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Forgot about this question. But to be clear, I didn't answer because it's outside the topic of this thread. My point was that abortion backers swore up and down that the legalization of abortion wouldn't lead to a discussion of the acceptability of euthanasia, and they were dead wrong (pun intended.) A similar fate awaits our society regarding the approval of 'same sex marriage' and discussions on incest, polygamy and bestiality.
How do you get "much better" than a 5K display?   Are they seriously suggesting that the rumour that Apple will go 8K with the iMac is correct?   I know nothing about display procurement, but if 8K significantly adds to the 5K price I think Apple should hold off another year. Customers this fall will be very price-conscious.
 Yes, I ended up buying the iMac a number of years back, even though I dislike the lack of upgradability. It has served me well and the Mac Pro just wasn't ready yet (brand new, and no updated screen to pair it with.) Skylake, coupled with TB3 and USB 3.1, does look like it will satisfy for years to come. Of course, the new memory tech that Intel announced recently does make one wonder if next year's computers take a quantum leap in power just after we purchase Skylake,...
Apple's contribution to this new technology should have been to give it a proper name.
 Liberals just don't know history. At all. EXACTLY the same sentiments above were voiced when abortion was legalized. "Don't be silly...this will never lead to the discussion of euthanasia for general society...it would be political suicide."
Most cars will soon have easy access to Wi-Fi, so the idea that this is only for kids is ridiculous.   I do have a question though:   The iPhone 6 Plus' big selling point (aside from the size) is that it has optical image stabilization for videos. The iPhone 6 didn't get that feature.   Apple lists "cinematic video stabilization" as one of the new iPod's video camera features.   Is there a huge difference here? How does the iPod Touch's video camera compare to the...
Well that's just 'cause BMWs are overpriced.   But the iPod market (Nano not Touch) is mature and declining to the point that it doesn't even warrant its own page on Apple.com anymore. I think part of the reason for the decline is the gap between the 2GB Shuffle for $49. and the 16GB Nano for $149. I think a 4GB Nano for $99. would hit the sweet spot nicely.
I don't understand why an iPod Nano still costs more than $100.
Oops, sorry about that. I meant to say less than a year ago, and must have confused it with the Retina iMac's '50 days since last update'. Apple doesn't typically update the Mini every October like the other desktops. That doesn't mean they can't update it with Skylake when they update the iMacs, but if the 21.5" iMac is going Retina 4K and gets a big push from Apple as their new big consumer product, I think they'll defer changes to the Mini.
Affinity Photo is in the App Store and has CMYK workflow!   Bye Pixelmator - and maybe Photoshop...subject to reviews...
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