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The 2-3 weeks wait means nothing.   I'd bet that there are a huge number of pros who've decided to wait until they can order a full system, i.e. Mac Pro + upgraded Apple monitor. I have no idea what's taking so long. Maybe Apple really is waiting for 4K panels to drop.   I think if you add in those potential orders, shipping times will be back to months.
The Mini now competes, in part, with the Intel NUC. Mobile computers-in-your-pocket are now a real thing.   If Apple's retooling the Mini, this market has to be part of the equation.   I understand that the Mini wouldn't NEED a 4K monitor, but if Apple hasn't built a low end monitor for the Mini yet, they aren't going to at all.   So whatever the next display upgrade is (4K or not) it will be the default solution for the Mini.
Believe it or not, I think it's being held back for the 4K screen. I think the Mini's about to go mobile.   Mobile is where everything's at now, and 'Home on iPod' never really took off.   Users can take their computer from home to work without a hassle, in their pocket.   However, in true Apple style, they want to sell you two (!) screens for the privilege, and so the product cannot debut before the next display upgrade is ready to ship.
 Yes, I got that you were making that claim. It's ridiculous, but that's your choice. Christianity was already spreading like wildfire and turning Roman rule upside down. As in America today, it's in the ruling empire's best interest to at least pay lip service to the prevailing movement and try to harness it rather than go head to head and lose grip on power totally. I have no idea whether Constantine was really a true Christian. But calling a bunch of scholars together...
 Your first sentence is fine. The second, not so much.  Condemning pockets of followers is one thing. But if you're going to indict an entire religion, you have to look to the founder. The founder of Christianity condemned violence, resisted calls to overthrow government and invented the "turn the other cheek" metaphor.He said His kingdom wasn't of this world, and preached to love your enemies. In an occupied country that despised their immoral occupiers. The founder of...
I know political discussion here isn't what it used to be (since the lefties fled rather than defend the incompetence of their regime.)   But what's going on in the U.S. now borders on insanity.   The Obama admin is attempting to fight some kind of lame pseudo-war on Twitter, and even there they are being bested by Putin.   This is embarrassing and dangerous, since it's unlikely Putin's going to stop now given America's current weakness.
 I don't think that's the real point here. I think Intel leaked this because in a couple of months we're going to start hearing about the availability of 'PCI outside the Box', which is said to have the advantages of Thunderbolt with far less cost. I think this smells like a timed leak designed to distract and dissuade from a serious potential competitor.
 Noticed that, but Canada won so I'm okay with it.
Well we're in April and still have yet to see a Mac hardware release for the year. Is everything going to be shoehorned into the last few months of the year, like in 2013?   If Apple had silently updated the Mini last fall with the other Macs, how would that have interfered with this (apparent) coming redesign?   At this point, I think Apple is just starving the market so when the new machine comes out they can claim impressive first-day sale numbers.
The wait for 4K really isn't a huge problem, but the fact that the current iMac doesn't have Thunderbolt 2 may become an issue later.
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