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Cute. Yeah they definitely need to get an handle on the issue. Maybe debut a second OS directed at Mac and Linux switchers that breaks with traditional Windows code and isn't as susceptible to the multitude of Windows viruses. I have no idea whether that would work commercially, but no sane Mac switcher is going back to worrying daily about thousands of PC viruses. I like Mac OS X, but having a real choice would be nice. When Apple is unchallenged, things get crazy bad...
There's no need to go this far. Mac OS X is great, but saying everything else is garbage is...well, garbage. Microsoft's biggest problem is that they've never gotten a handle of the virus issue. They seem to think they have a usability problem. Mac users who have been freed from dealing with Windows viruses (and macros, etc.), won't ever go back to that.
 Absolutely. Someone buying a basic Mini to test the Mac experience will come away saying that the Mac is an underpowered toy. When you say to them that they need more RAM but can't add memory to their machine, they're going to hate it even more. How does this help in the fight to get PC users to switch?  Yes.  Yep. This is the crux of the problem. If adding DIMMs negatively affects system performance, why can you add memory to the higher end of the line, where performance...
 Probably just me. The other parts of the line are all capable, but cost-prohibitive for many projects. Also, the cost and form factor lends itself to integrating the unit into other systems far better than an iMac or MacBook Pro would.
Nonsense. It's a real issue. We've all known that the Mini is the computer Apple hates. That's fine, but what Apple's done this time is to kill the soul of the machine. The Mini is the hobbyist machine. It's the only part of the Mac line that you can modify to run billboards, in-car systems, trade show booths, security systems, concert lighting, business servers, telephone systems and whatever else your mind dreams up. It's the Hypercard of Mac hardware. Contrary to many,...
It's here!
 I think that the Pro is Apple's technology showcase, and won't be updated until mid-2015 when Thunderbolt 3 is ready to go.
Not to mention it will have to be much thicker than it should be, which will severely impact portability. :)
 Any chance that Apple is rushing TB3 and that's why the desktops haven't seen updates in awhile? Or is Skylake still the best we can hope for?
The 27" is used a lot in publishing. It'll be interesting to see how this works with CS6, since the GPU will already be taxed pretty hard.   Interesting machine, but I'll certainly wait for the reviews before I buy one.
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