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Uh oh. Sounds like making USB 3.1 gear is hitting some roadblocks.   Wonder if this means anything for the release date for the 12"?
Okay, I was being a bit mischievous with the post. I do know the Mac Mini's in a different weight class.   But the HP unit does exude a certain energy that the original Mac Mini had.   It's basically saying "find a use for me" which is how Mac guys originally viewed the Mini. Then people ran out and built Media units, Home and Office servers, Car Audio installs and the like.   It's been awhile since that kind of thing surrounded the Mini. I think a lot of people...
While I'm sure the new $500. Mini completely beats this in performance, it is a bit disconcerting that HP's new Mini PC is so much smaller, cheaper and lighter than Apple's.   After all, if you're going to lock down upgrades and remove the server features, you might as well go small or go home, right?
 Yep. I bought a Yikes G4 back in the day and saw it upgraded to the Sawtooth motherboard before I barely had a chance to break it in. Early adoption has a downside, and given that this issue only affects a very small minority of users, it doesn't really worry me. The 2015 version should be amazing, with Thunderbolt 3 and USB 3.1 ports, Skylake processors (and new RAM right?)Also, the 5K Thunderbolt display should be about ready for mass production by mid-year. I think...
 AFAIK, TextEdit still has a floating color palette.
Affinity Designer offers a CMYK workflow, and Photoshop and InDesign alternatives are said to be on the way from them.   2015 is going to be a great year for Mac artists and designers.
Actually, if you truly promised to do THAT to Ottawa, many Canadians would fight to elect you Prime Minister.
 It absolutely was Canadians, fighting as part (and with the combined forces of) the British Empire. And given the current state of North American education, I have no doubt that people living directly below Canada would advocate using military weapons with contaminants that would feed directly into your own water supplies.
I still miss the annual Blu-Ray vs. HD-DVD fights from the mid-2000s. 
 It's not unique. Every country deals with this issue. Every single one. While all recent presidents have been bad in this area, a 70% increase under one President's watch is nothing to sneeze at. Especially when Obama criticized the mounting debt while he was a senator and put his name forward as someone who could and would deal with it. And for much of his term he had a Senate controlled by his party, and they couldn't (or more accurately wouldn't) even pass a budget. I...
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