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 Yeah, but PCIe outside the box will offer the speed of Thunderbolt without most of the cost. And it's out mid-2014. Given that TB2 is just out and it can take a year to develop and market a product, will third-parties support it? Will TB2 co-exist with PCI OTB?
Thought I'd catch up on some reading tonight, I saw that MacLife's January issue has an epic takedown of Thunderbolt.   Apparently, a 'PCIe outside the box' connection tech is due to appear by mid-2014, and will not require controller chips in each cable.   Between that and USB 3.1, due in late 2014, Thunderbolt 2 suddenly doesn't seem worth the added developer expense.   How does this affect the Pro? Having six TB2 ports are one of the machine's big selling points.
 That statement doesn't invalidate the other two perspectives.
After the post-U.S. Thanksgiving/Black Friday hoopla, I guess we'll go straight into the Pro debut. I can't imagine that Apple would want its new Pro lost in the shuffle around Christmas.   Absolutely no rumours so far on a Mini upgrade. That doesn't inspire confidence.
Sorry to hear of this loss to our community. Fare thee well jragosta.
 When are Broadwell chips due out?
So the 2012 pre-election jobs numbers - which Jack Welch and many others said were manipulated - have turned out to be precisely that.   Aside from the obvious - that leftists lie regularly to win, and that their supporters are easily manipulated, this raises the question of whether even the Census Bureau can be trusted under the current administration.   Because conservatives were laughed at in 2009 when questions were raised about the Census Bureau started using GPS...
 On the Mac, they're not necessarily competitive. On the PC side, USB 3.1 and TB2 will definitely compete.  True, but I doubt Apple's going to stop trying to sell low-end users both a Mac and an iPad.And in the midst of the current economic uncertainty, you don't abandon your low-end solution.  Because the Pro comes out in December, and Apple's probably not releasing it during the Christmas-New Years window. As I've said before, I think the Mini will be silently updated...
I could be mis-remembering this, but I think the power supply was pulled into the Mini back when the Xserve and Mac Pro were server competitors.   Now that Xserve is toast and almost nobody buys $3000. cylindrical machines for a server room, it makes sense to push the Mini hard as a flexible server solution.   Sonnet's already taken the lead with this. A user-replaceable power supply would only make it better.
I think the biggest potential for making the Mini smaller would be to remove the power supply from the inside of the machine (this would also help with using it as a server, right?)   USB 3.1 was finalized in the summer, but Intel likely isn't adding it in for some time, and even if Apple went crazy and decided to push the TB competitor early, the Mini isn't a candidate for debuting this tech. (I do wonder when it will reach the iMac though.)   I think they add TB2 and...
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