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 Sounds like a plan, although I'm not sure why desktops really need soldered RAM.But Apple would like it. I would think, knowing Apple, that they'd go the route of eliminating the second HD, pulling the power supply out and redesigning it to make it smaller and quieter. Y'know, because it's what Apple does. 
 Likely because the pressure is on the iOS side. iCloud is a key piece of Apple's current mobile strategy, and they needed to release their entry in the office suite arena before Microsoft entered with Office and bit off a chunk of mindshare.
 Good point. Apple does need to fix the 'Change All' option so that users can switch back semi-permanently.If I were affected, that's definitely where I would concentrate my criticism. And I agree that those features aren't bloat and I expect that they will be added back soon. Remember people, Pages is a relatively new app and the code will be modern.I could be wrong, but I doubt think this is comparable to Apple rewriting Carbon apps into Cocoa. Apple is simply in a...
Be careful, if you make fun of the Dear Leader, you may end up in a re-education program.   Liberals, who made fun of Bush for ten straight years (starting 2 yrs before he was even elected), were generally unavailable for comment.
It truly doesn't make much of a difference.   Chances are, within the first year someone's going to come up with an add-on that sits below the ProCan, and connects to card slots, drive bays and a Blu-Ray player.   Actually, the Blu-Ray burner in this form factor already exists.   It's only a matter of time.
All I'm saying is that we've seen this movie over and over again. This is how Apple rebuilds software. Deal with it.   Apple evidently believes in a software redevelopment process that eschews continual feature bloat and prioritizes building lean software on a rock solid platform and developing a full feature set afterward. Knowing this, you don't update your essential software until you know what's been done to it. Full reviews and user feedback are available within...
 Good to know. Especially for politicians who knowingly lie to millions of their voters. "If you like your healthcare plan, you will be able to keep your healthcare plan. Period.”                                                                             Barack Obama, June 2009
 Leftists really do drink whatever Kool Aid is offered to them. Obama went on TV and boasted that he wouldn't negotiate with the Tea Party over the mandate. I guess in your world, that never happened. And anyone who can add numbers knows the predicament the U.S. is in, and why its currency is currently being devalued by the Fed's non-stop printing press policies. The Tea Party is pretty much the only group that is desperately trying to return the U.S. budget to sanity...
 Good point. Would software like Quark and InDesign require another update to support 4K? Adobe just updated ID to support Retina recently.
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