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Interesting. Q3 starts on July 1 and ends on September 30.   Does this mean the new 15" MacBook Pro will be announced at WWDC but not ship till July? (It's fairly obvious that a new 15" is in the works.)   iMacs don't usually get revved till October, so I guess the current gen is the back-to-school product. It will be great to see the desktops get USB 3.1, and - hopefully - Thunderbolt 3.
Apple now has millions of newbie iOS users, who think that computers run by magic and if something goes wrong, it's because the little elves in Cupertino forgot to offer a sacrifice or something.
Point taken. We have been down this road a number of times before, with iMovie, Final Cut Pro and the entire iWork suite. Everytime, there's been weeping and gnashing of teeth when the App gets overhauled and features are missing. It is like listening to the same record over and over again. Like their penchant to replace older ports with newer ones before the market is fully there, Apple does largely the same with software. When an app gets rebuilt they introduce it to...
No, Apple was never, ever going to keep iPhoto "for all future OSs". If you thought that when you bought your Mac, you were deeply mistaken.   There's a big world of Mac applications. If you don't have the time to give Photos a chance to fill in its gaps, then find another app that works for you.   iPhoto's never coming back. Get used to that.
It worked. Thanks for the help!
Mail doesn't seem to be able to access my Gmail after the update. Google keeps sending me emails saying someone's trying to access my Gmail from my location, an they know my password.   Yeah, because that's me.  Anybody else having this issue with Mail?
 No, it doesn't. That's over now. How many businesses have you walked into recently and seen a Mini on the desk? Outside of specialty applications (where Raspberry Pi is winning) and SOHO office servers, who runs a Mini in their office? A $799. iMac, slightly upgraded from the base model and sold to businesses in packs of 5 or 10, would add far more traction in the business world that the current Mini.
Why, what grand purpose does it solve today? Switchers? No, the cost of a new monitor, keyboard and mouse is trivial now. Apple's not even running switcher ads anymore. Hobbyist? No, you can't upgrade anything in the box anymore. Server? Maybe, but if Apple really cared they wouldn't put the power supply inside the box. Home Video? No, Apple will have a better solution for that very soon. Car? No, better solutions exist from practically everyone.
What is the point anymore? The Mini's magic is gone and the desktop computer world has changed.   Apple should scrap the Mini entirely and lower the base iMac to $799.
The obvious question is which video cards will power this fabled 8K iMac.   Graphics power will have to be upped substantially, and I'm not sure how this will pay for itself. Just about no one is shooting 8K movies for home and prosumer use.
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