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Obama's IRS now going after the middle class, preemptively.
Democrats are in danger of losing the Senate, so it's the perfect time to raise the issue of regulating speech on the internet.
When are these oft-delayed Broadwell chips now supposed to arrive? Early or Mid-year?
Thunderbolt 3 announced early. 5K controllers made in-house. DisplayPort 1.3 is finalized. USB 3.1 Type C is finalized. DDR4 in production and double density.   The second-gen Mac Pro is going to rock. You guys need to chill a bit. Don't go crazy with spending this Christmas and save your pennies for an amazing upgrade (and companion screen) in the New Year.
 From Marvin's post in the Retina MacBook Pro thread: Broadwell is quite impressive. So I clearly don't know what I'm talking about. Maybe it's too soon to say they'll skip Broadwell for Skylake.
 I'm sorry, that's insane. This is a machine for switchers. Telling people new to the platform to sell their new machine and buy a different one is an exercise in business failure. Apple's going to have to up the base RAM in the Mini to 8GB as soon as they can. It's obvious the Mini offerings (like the rest of the Mac line) are meant to push people toward the higher tier. But this is the budget machine, it's not like the rest of the line.It's for the budget-conscious and...
I think this means the next update will be next Summer - Skylake, Thunderbolt 3 and USB 3.1.   Broadwell was more about power savings anyway, which isn't as critical in an iMac. Right?   As usual, buy it now if you need it now.
Cute. Yeah they definitely need to get an handle on the issue. Maybe debut a second OS directed at Mac and Linux switchers that breaks with traditional Windows code and isn't as susceptible to the multitude of Windows viruses. I have no idea whether that would work commercially, but no sane Mac switcher is going back to worrying daily about thousands of PC viruses. I like Mac OS X, but having a real choice would be nice. When Apple is unchallenged, things get crazy bad...
There's no need to go this far. Mac OS X is great, but saying everything else is garbage is...well, garbage. Microsoft's biggest problem is that they've never gotten a handle of the virus issue. They seem to think they have a usability problem. Mac users who have been freed from dealing with Windows viruses (and macros, etc.), won't ever go back to that.
 Absolutely. Someone buying a basic Mini to test the Mac experience will come away saying that the Mac is an underpowered toy. When you say to them that they need more RAM but can't add memory to their machine, they're going to hate it even more. How does this help in the fight to get PC users to switch?  Yes.  Yep. This is the crux of the problem. If adding DIMMs negatively affects system performance, why can you add memory to the higher end of the line, where performance...
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