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Now if someone would just make this for still photography, allowing for interchangeable lenses. I think Sony kinda made one, but it connected with wifi... Horrible solution.
It's taken 7 years, but someone has finally done a camera the way I always thought made the most sense. Build great lenses and mechanics and let the iPhone be the display and brains.
Maybe its just me, but I'd never consider content of a messaging app to be a permanent data store. 
While I think the approach is fine, I'd still like to see more effort put into making the iPad more than a second thought to the iPhone's iOS. Split view is nice, and fuller on-screen keyboard, but that's just tinkering around the edges. The iPad Pro really could be a laptop replacement, but it needs to have its own feature set, not just be forced to be a bigger iPhone.   The biggest issue is fixing the problem of getting files on and off of the device. Its fine for a...
I'm not sure he said that. I think he said that for many/most people, the iPad can do everything they need. That's not the same as inferring that no one needs a PC anymore.
The new MacBook 'One' is more a proof of concept than a final state. That's obvious. Same was true of the first Air.The one in danger is the Air, not the MacBooke One.
2 minutes for 8 hour charge.How long does it take to find and replace batteries?Use while plugged in would result in the inevitable 'god, how butt-ugly. Apple can't design its way out of a paper bag anymore' criticisms.This is a perfectly fine solution, and looks great as well.1st world problem.
The band's not for me, but I love the watch face. I'd use it in a second it if were available by itself (which of course, it won't be.)
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