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I guess it's understandable that tech types can't get their heads around the fact that a great film is one that ends up being more than just another biopic. It says something about the human condition or creativity or imperfections. I feel sorry for those who are whining about the 'lack of historical accuracy' or the fact that the lead isnt the spitting image of Steve. You're so missing the point.
Fodder for the 'be careful what you wish for' file? Frankly, I like the lower case, but understand why some want the old typewriter style, always caps view. A bit more stable and unchanging, which I suppose can be disconcerting.   Glad its an option to have either.
At the risk of sounding snarky...    Um, 'duh'?
$25k is the low price end of the spectrum, or at least bottom third.What in Apple's history of top tier pricing makes you think that this is a price arena they'd be at all find interest in?
I don't actually disagree with his point that, if they're going to do it, Apple should partner with experts in drive train and body construction and make their 'value-add' batteries and computation. Not everything about existing automotive technology is wrong. (Unless you consider the whole idea of 'one+-car-per-human' in itself a really stupid idea, which is a valid point.)
Buying CBS? 
Egg Freckles?
I have several $100+ (way +) fountain pens. It would be a shame to lose them as well.Just part of being grown up and taking care of your stuff.
I'm not letting myself get guilted about ad blockers. When a 700k page bloats out to 10 megs because of adware and trackers, the site is in actuality stealing from me by sucking up my limited data allotment.My responsibility is to my pocketbook, not theirs.
And remember that cable companies will boost the cost for data-only plans, so add internet: $60, HBO: $15, Apple Package $40, Netflix $7, and a few more, and you're back up into the $200 range. Got us coming and going.
New Posts  All Forums: