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Oh great... now we can be blinded by morons in front of us taking flash selfies, along with those using flash to light up stages 100 yards away. It worries me that this is the first new iPhone in years that I'm thinking isn't worth upgrading for. Hopefully the 2nd year contract people will keep the upgrades flowing.
Good for you. But odds are that you are young, and in proximity to friends/family.For those of us with widely dispersed family and friends, FB is an amazing way to maintain or reestablish relationships that otherwise would have withered.Don't be so quick to look down on solutions that work for people other than yourself.
People who don't get the use for a iPad Pro tend to be people who think 'productivity' = spreadsheets and databases. As a musician, I'm drooling to get my hands on a 12.9" iPad that supports split screen and perhaps even USB-C. Being able to do transcriptions by having Coda on one side and Symphony Pro on the other for notation would be perfect. A large (yet light) screen on my music stand for charts with a USB footswitch for advancing pages would be a god-send. A high...
There would be a certain appropriate symmetry to this, since Graham Auditorium is adjacent to the old Brooks Hall, home of the West Coast Computer Faire where the original Apple was introduced.
I have to wonder what the big deal is with echoing local content. Seems like a win-win, with the local networks getting visibility to people who had cable-cut or (like myself) can't get OTA.
With Mt Tam between me and SF, I have no OTA. Local over the top is all I'm waiting for, since my 2 other wishes (Golf Channel and TCM) are unlikely to be offered anytime soon.
Have you seen the numbers on the amount of download data generated by ads and data trackers (not separate issues, btw)?A 700k web page can weigh in at over 10 meg, not to mention traffic generated by the accompanying JavaScript 'phoning home'.This amounts to the advertising stealing from ME in the form of overage charges from my carrier. (And its increased greatly over the past few years.)I'll take care of my own pocket book first, thank you. Advertisers have to back off....
 Ah, good 'ol knee jerk Libertarianism at work...Couldn't be that LACK of government action (in the form of preventing telecom monopolies) is the real problem, and that they should be instead regulated as utilities, huh?
Yeah, because market solutions work SOOOOO well for absolutely everything. Must explain why we lag behind the rest of the developed world.
Why not both?They need to be the leader in something.
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