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Not to split hairs, but its a Totalitarian country. China today is about as 'communist' as John Galt.
Hmmm...Jerk monopolists and Bose vs Popular athlete with a big youth fan base and Beats.Wonder which brand won this round of the advertising war?
Well, aren't we superior!
Great tip! First move was to disable AppleInsider mobile. 
Perhaps 'quietly' sounds a bit less sinister than 'surreptitiously'?
And if you click any navigation from there, you're taken out of Camera to Photos. Terrible navigation.What is so hard to understand? A simple view from photos that shows shots taken on this device. Why is that offending people?
The best suggestion I've seen in this thread is a default smart folder of 'Photos Taken on this Device'. Ends up being the same thing, and its there to use or not.
No, you are seeing all photos on your camera, not just ones taken WITH your camera. THAT's the problem.
Its not so much that looking at pictures <30 days old will be a problem... that's what 'recent' is for.30 days an more is the problem.But you've nailed it with shuffling all pictures from camera roll and albums into one big stew that's the problem. 
Um, all right in front of me in reasonably sized miniatures, latest last, no dividers by date or place? (Although all of the new stuff is fine as another alternative. My 2014 section consists of hundreds of miniatures that look like one of those abstract composites of Abraham Lincoln, made up of miniscule pictures of the Civil War.On the iPad, you can kinda see what a picture is. On iPhone? Impossible. Absolutely indiscernible. Then clicking on the year opens it up into...
New Posts  All Forums: