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Not inaccurate, including the part about the cocky upstart mocking the new entry (who happens to come along with millions of automatic customers) who ultimately ate the upstart's lunch. Be careful about your analogies.
I make it a point to ask my teenager's friends if they or any of their friends use Twitter. The answer is always a resounding 'no'. I'm in tech, and none of my co-workers use it. The only people I know of who worship it are tech writers and podcasters (e.g. Gruber) who rely on it as an easy rumor mill and source of links for their blogs. I think it's heavy users delude themselves into thinking that their little echo chamber is way more important than it is.
I'd like to see Apple port the 'glances' approach to the iOS control panel and let me pick what features I'd like to see there. Mine would include toggle cellular on/off and this new low power mode as starters.
um, just what body parts are they using to write on their iPads down in Cupertino?
Hey give the guy a break. Its not like he invaded Iraq or something.
This thread gives lie to the idea of an "intersection of technology and liberal arts." Seems most of the people commenting think that a biography is nothing more than hiring a cheap Las Vegas impersonator. Guys, if all this is is a cheap attempt to make you feel like that's really Steve on the screen then it fails. If it says something bigger about technology or power or failure or even tremendous dialog (which is why this is a Sorkin picture), then it will have suceeded.
It would be nice if one of the Excel 'add-ins' were named regions for Vlookups.
I love my AAPL, but for god's sake folks, just how far are you willing to bend over in defending capitalism's inalienable right to make money from the social infrastructure that makes it possible? As the so called hardworking types used to say, 'Ain't no Free Lunches', and the biggest pigs at the free lunch counter are corporations. (And please spare me the "they're just following the letter of the law" BS... talk about a low moral bar.)
Which is why the Cable monopolies need to be fully regulated as utilities, and the last 100' opened up to competition.
New Posts  All Forums: