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'Fee', 'Fo' and 'Fum' were taken?
The test will be if Tim and Greg use the watch to advance their keynote slides in June instead of the clicker.
Cool... now retroactively go in and invalidate their obscene acquisition of NBC. Or better yet, split Comcast (and Time Warner) into separate ISP and Cable companies, and make them divest one or the other. That the same company who's primary income is from cable packages also owns the pipeline for the only competition is insane. We all know that Big Cable's tactic on cable cutters will simply be to jack up internet prices. Internet has become just as basic a basic...
And I don't know when Americans turned into apologists for monopolists.If you don't get that Internet connectivity is just as much a necessity as water and sewage and needs to be regulated thusly, then I weep for your sycophancy.Comcast to be broken up NOW and split into a dumb pipe and whatever content the want to play in. At least that would have competition.
Its so entertaining to watch the Libertarian types (most of whom no doubt would love cable cutting) who live in a fantasy world where there is competition (almost nose-spit my coke at the comment that there was no cable monopoly) and the almighty free market is the all knowing arbiter of justice. I have to admire the masochistic faith in corporations that y'all seem to embrace. I'll take DOJ as my advocate any day. Not only should the NBC merger have been denied, but...
Are techies really so ignorant that they can't separate the appearance of an actor from the actual craft of (wait for it) ACTING? How about we wait and see what the performance is like people. Acting impersonation.
The entire market is in the tank.
Ironic that after my first few iPad years of wanting a mini-sized iPad, I've now decided that a 12.9 will be better at the things I really use my iPad for. Literally, the only thing I actually use my Mac for anymore is the occasional DVD/CD rip (very seldom) and when I need multiple windows and better input. This rumored iPad Pro (along with similarly rumored iOS productivity improvements) may be the final bridge I need to go completely iPad.
What a crock.The disaster for california was Prop 13, which allowed corporations (who never turn over real estate) to leech off of the stories of dispossessed elderlies to avoid taxes, which support the infrastructure that enables such successes as Apple et al through everything from an educated workforce to police to courts.Gotta love 'free lunch' Republicans.But there's always the Libertarian paradise of Kansas... A true disaster.
Who says it would be main? That's why the 'neener neener' crap about Jobs' old comment about stylus's is such nonsense. He was talking about primary method of input. Of course a stylus is more appropriate for certain tasks.Duh.
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