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Every example of Steve naysaying an idea need only be prefaced with 'at this moment in time', which is obviously what he meant.
Go for it, brothers! I'd love to see some of the financial fallout from this economy going to working stiffs for a change.
Stock 'dilution', not 'delusion', but the typo is humorously accurate in any event.
NJ is full service only. No self service.
Don't think I'm going to be spending and extra $.50-.75/gallon just for the thrill of using Apple Pay. C'mon Arco!
Because...?So only corporate monopolies get your 'freedom' blessing?
The reading comprehension level on this forum is astounding.
There's been a lot of good discussion of this on Accidental Tech Podcast and on marco.org. The app world at Apple seems to be divided into 3 separate kingdoms. Development, the approval team,  and the store itself. Development comes up with all of these great new features and tells developers to go out and use them (benefiting Apple.) But the overwhelmed approvers seem to get conflicting or vague standards, and communications between the app store and developers seems...
New Posts  All Forums: