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Seems to me the opposite is true,
I anticipate a lot of empty Powermats sitting unused.
It would use the same port, requiring pass-through adapters if you want to listen a charge at the same time. There would be no 2nd Lightning port.
Every time I see 'slimmer' for the iPhone, I also think "more difficult to put great optics into the camera'. 
I'll be rich!,,
I'm actually playing Monument Valley for the second time, simply because its such a beautiful environment to live in for a couple of hours.Its almost meditative. Hope they do more games like this.
While I don't have much knowledge of how much of that is true (I doubt that lobbying makes much of a dent in their profits), my impression is that the reason they can get by on slim-to-none profits is that they make their money (and big money at that) by playing the float to an unprecedented degree.Selling quickly while paying your suppliers later gives you "other people's money" to use, invest, etc. At the scales Amazon now works at, this generates ungodly piles of...
While Apple is no slam dunk for getting it right, to date there is no serious trend of wearables. The field isn't even to the nascent stage. Maybe a bit premature to be ringing the death bells?
No plans to sell mine. Works great, and they'll have to release new models to display ads.Well, I suppose they could download an update that displays ads, and at that point I would have to reconsider.It wouldn't be acceptable to me to have paid $250 for a device that suddenly violates most of what I bought it for (i.e. the aesthetic.)
The 'eye pain' is from being slugged by people who don't want morons recording everything.   -EDIT: I wasn't the first to suggest that. Well, great minds, and all that.
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