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Not to mention endless media stoked "needless panic" that (hmmmm) completely stopped the day after the election.
No, they're letting the ship go down with the captain.
I think "debuted" should be "de-butted".
@Tallest Skill... Glad you're happy bending over for corporate monopolies. And if the pipeline for what has become the lifeblood of society isn't a utility, I don't know what is.
Oh please please just take our word for it. We'll do the right thing!  We promise! Don't regulate us like the utility we are.   Hey, how's this for a solution. I have 'unlimited', you give me unlimited. There are so few people grandfathered in that it can't be that big of an issue for you. Or, give me the option to go to a limited plan that doesn't cost more than my current unlimited.   But throttling me down to sub 2400 baud modem rates is simply not acceptable.
<-'85 "In the beginning..." '85-97' "In the Wilderness..." ' 97-> "Resurrection"
Right... Just like racism is also over just because we elected a black president.It proves nothing of the kind, just that you have to be twice as good to over come it in this society.
Not to split hairs, but its a Totalitarian country. China today is about as 'communist' as John Galt.
Hmmm...Jerk monopolists and Bose vs Popular athlete with a big youth fan base and Beats.Wonder which brand won this round of the advertising war?
Well, aren't we superior!
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