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Wow... and it can use the Ctrl-V keys as well!Make it CEO!
You really want to brag about that? Sounds like my Labradoodle has more maturity than you.
So please tell me what earth shattering innovations you're seeing on competitors. Bigger screen? OMG!!Eye tracking? Get me my fainting salts!,Typical sophomoric whining.
My Schwab proxy recommended a 'no' vote, and I agree.Frankly, I'll take the advise of the guys who are (ostensibly) on my side. Carl will cash out if he gets his big bump, causing as much as a dive as he (possibly) caused on the upside.
If networks and studios are afraid to enter into agreements with Apple that might 'do to movies and tv what they did to music', why in the world would they get into bed with Amazon, who's whole business model is to drive the price of everything they touch into the dirt?
"If the glove doesn't fit, you can spy like Schmidt."
Doubt it. Put it into stealth mode, maybe.Google does NOT stop gathering  your data to sell.
Buying = innovation?Low bar there.
Oh great. Now Google can sell the information not just on my heating patterns, but on when I'm away (based on energy-saver-due-to-inactivity.) Thanks Fadell... go party with Eric Schmidt now.
"We wanted to make a product that was adhering to the principle of calm technology, so it doesn't scream for attention or want you to focus on the product". In other words, one that you can surreptitiously wear into locker rooms or beaches to take spycam shots with, and that isn't as likely to get you beaten up as Google Glass. Gotcha.
New Posts  All Forums: