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Actually, I've found the opposite. I'd been dealing with hard crashes not just of apps, but of the entire phone, since installing 7 on my iPhone 5. Since getting my 5s, I haven't had a single freeze. So YMMV.
 Yes... its simply too hard for me to spend money using computer, iPhone and iPad. I need to be able to by stupid crap while watching TV as well.
None of those made products that I consume (i.e. phoney financial instruments.)At least intentionally. But yes, those companies did cast a shadow on American 'Capitalism'. Particularly the act of shuffling money from one pile to another, taking a cut, and calling it 'investment'.
Wow. Bad enough that they put their name on such a crap product, but then their excuse is that they rushed it to beat Apple? Yeah, that's the kind of company with an eye towards quality that I want to do business with.
 '20+ millions sold accomplished by lying to our customers.'
 Nice knee-jerk, anti government rant.Electronic books and lectures are ultimately the best cost saving methods. Its going to take some trial and error to get it right.
And this is with a 'notoriously' closed system. Imagine putting an 'open' system into the hands of school kids.
I've been waiting for 5 years for someone to make a high quality lens controlled by an iPhone, and it still doesn't look like anyone gets it. Wifi? Are you kidding me? Software by the same companies who can't code themselves out of a paper bag? Until someone makes this with iBeacons and the ability to use any photo software you want, this still crap. So sad... Why doesn't anyone get it?
 They had to do SOMETHING with that 900M in unsold product.
 No, 'Director' has a very specific meaning in most company. Generally a high profile technical person, sub VP, and very close to the metal.I see no reason to believe he's anything other than what the article indicates.
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