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Couldn't disagree more... They are absolutely first rate copyists!
"We're gonna need a bigger boat."
Ah yes... The 'liberty' to die impoverished from medical bills for lack of insurance.There is no 'freedom' in poverty.I do find Silicon Valley libertarians amusing though, as the delude themselves into believing they bootstrapped their fortunes, when they actually owe their entire careers to work built entirely on that dreaded government investment.
Kennedy couldn't have gotten half of what Obama has gotten accomplished in the face of the greatest obstructionism in the history of the country.Fact is, Kennedy couldn't have gotten his own civil rights legislation through. It took Johnson to do that.What I don't understand is how Obama keeps his cool the way he does. Pretty amazing IMO.
B-b-b-but if you include digital picture frames that happen to have an Android core, then iPad is being trounced! Get with the program people!
Yes. By all means, AI should only cover things that YOU are interested in.
It simply means that the Chinese are pulling their traditional dick moves right up til the last minute. It will happen soon enough.
BIG difference between 'commercially available' and commercially successful'.
Don't buy it then?
I tend to doubt that this is as much for iOS as it is for Apple TV and for OSX.AtV for obvious reasons. OSX because I don't think apple (or many beyond MS for that matter) think touch makes sense on a desktop, but gestures do.As for iOS, what do gestures really give you when you altpready have your hands on the device? Just look at Samsung's eyeball control to see this 'solution in search of a problem' approach.
New Posts  All Forums: