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And I'll wager that a small percentage of even that third.even have the connection hooked up. I know that if my tv's IP connection was via the set's built in software, I'd never use it.
Oh, they always can fall back on Leo's never ending hurt feelings at being blackballed from Apple events for being a jerk.
Hmmm. Why does the tone of most of the panic stricken posts here and elsewhere on this subject remind me of the right wing's feelings about the president? What is similar?... What could it be?
Marco's a smart guy, but he doesn't seem to be able to put away his developer hat on this subject. He seems to be in the 'iPad is doomed' (or at least has peaked) crowd for some reason. 90% of people don't need direct access to the file system. I know that for people who live and breathe computers, that makes them 'morons'. Sorry, but they're the ones who pay the bills.For the other 10%, I'm sure that there will be an iPad Pro down the road that fits that niche need, but...
1) Show me what standard you're holding any other manufacturer to that is in any way similar, or who has come anywhere close to Apple. (And don't say 'Glass'... don't want my milk to shoot out of my nose.)2) Weren't the same critics who are currently counting iPad in the 'revolutionary' category the same ones who were calling it 'just a big iPad touch' when it came out?
"The perceived advantage of open software being inanely more secure..." Wonderfully apt misspelling.
How do I find the 'opt-in' page to be sure that I'm opted out?
Right... I'm going to conduct financial transactions of any kind via a platform that 1) exists purely to leverage that info to sell me to more advertisers, and 2) is as likely as not to 'share' the facts of my purchase with all my friends if I slip up and don't explicitly say not to.   Right.
"We need more of a monopoly because all of these internet services (who have to come begging to us for non-throttled bandwidth) might someday get around our monopoly agreements with the content providers". See?
Hadn't thought of him, but yeah... good fit. (Particularly if you've seen the on-set videos of his temper tantrums... sounds like type-casting to me.
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