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I think this is ultimately good for Apple, whether this shakes out to an open or Apple-proprietary standard. I means that auto makers are giving up the ghost on rolling their own in-car systems. Better for everyone. Do what you do best and let the experts do the rest.
Get this into car radios, please.
You're joking about the need for unions being a thing of the past, right?Care to tell that to the millions of workers struggling with multiple jobs at serf-level wages? Want to tell them that they have, as individuals, a realistic chance of negotiating for wages with multi-national corporations?Without unions, every gain you (without acknowledging) enjoy would disappear in a moment.Vacations, child labor (you don't think so?), workplace safety? Gone. The destruction of...
I think we may have uncovered the big, nasty flaw in Capitalism.
If, for sake of argument, we accept this as believable, who other than Tim Cook would you want at the helm of a company tasked with dealing with a supply-line issue? If Apple is having this problem, then so is everyone else, and Cook is the guy to beat the field.
Almost never fails for me.Try retraining.
That was 'profit taking'.People are correct that this is just 'pissing on the fire' in order to fit the 'Android is the winner' meme.Kinda like the 'Both sides are to blame' meme out of Washington press corps.
Hmmm, $1k/device loss... Hey RIMM! Pay me $1000 and I'll take one too! (Better yet, just send me the $1000... you can keep the BB.)
Couldn't disagree more... They are absolutely first rate copyists!
"We're gonna need a bigger boat."
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