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Cool. Can't wait to get rid of the crappy M-Cell box AT&T made me buy that never worked.
Lock Gary Sinise in a simulator until he finds enough electrical savings to save the day.
Fry: Do you take Visa? Merchant: Visa's been out of business for 200 years. Fry: Do you take MasterCard? Merchant: MasterCard's been closed for 500 years. Fry: Do you take Discover Card? Merchant: We don't take Discover.
Maybe because it doesn't look like it came out of steampunk nightmare, and actually integrates with bands that can look really good? I actually think the 360 looks fine, but it can never scale to the functionality of this device.
So can Android deal with this out of the box, or is this something Samsung thinks will make Tizen more desirable. Also, how does it deal with unintended contact when your left hand fingers are wrapped around it? A new round of "you're holding it wrong" jokes?
The enormous number of people who like the current design of Beats precisely because they emphasize what they want (heavy bottom) clearly disagree. And changing the design for a broader spectrum isn't exactly rocket science. For perspective, remember that the single biggest thing that Barry Gordy did at Motown (other than have a ridiculous stable of talent) was doing the final mix on car speakers. Tuning the product to the target user is as old as time.And now having...
I'm tired of every article about Beats/Apple devolving immediately into a bash-fest about the quality of the headphones. Folks, these were designed for a specific customer... techno/hip-hop fans who want the bass to rattle their bodies, and who are listening to music that doesn't have much harmonic complexity. In short, if you're an audiophile, THEY WEREN'T DESIGNED FOR YOU! Get over it and buy another brand. If/when these become the flagship headphones for Apple, I'm...
Please, god... don't let there be Lotus Notes on the iPad.
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