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Doubt it. Put it into stealth mode, maybe.Google does NOT stop gathering  your data to sell.
Buying = innovation?Low bar there.
Oh great. Now Google can sell the information not just on my heating patterns, but on when I'm away (based on energy-saver-due-to-inactivity.) Thanks Fadell... go party with Eric Schmidt now.
"We wanted to make a product that was adhering to the principle of calm technology, so it doesn't scream for attention or want you to focus on the product". In other words, one that you can surreptitiously wear into locker rooms or beaches to take spycam shots with, and that isn't as likely to get you beaten up as Google Glass. Gotcha.
Actually, this is the closest to 'non repulsive' that I've yet seen. Decent band and nice watch face. All text screens still look like crap to me. I'm thinking that the uptake will happen when the following can be accomplished... 1) color screen 2) good resolution 3) good battery life. With those 3 in place, these things could actually contribute to tasteful fashion. THAT is what will make people wear them. Nothing else.
They won't get it RichL. Just as they don't get that the single most effective way, world-wide, to decrease poverty and birth rates is to educate women.The fact that we're ignoring critical talent from 50% of the population, in the same way that paternalistic societies run by fundamentalist religions do the same, is beyond them.
Yeah... screw the kids. 'I got mine.'
Valid points if applied to tech boards as a whole. But care to point to more diverse boards, or is this just more using Apple to gain attention?
I think this is ultimately good for Apple, whether this shakes out to an open or Apple-proprietary standard. I means that auto makers are giving up the ghost on rolling their own in-car systems. Better for everyone. Do what you do best and let the experts do the rest.
New Posts  All Forums: