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Well, there goes the 'upscale' appeal of the Apple brand.
They smell blood in the water.
I love the idea, but as long as the lens connects to the iPhone via WiFi Direct, its a non-starter. Too much lag and set up time. No reason these can't use Bluetooth LE. Also (if I remember correctly) you can only use it with the crappy Sony app. It has to be usable with any photo enabled app to be of any value.
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!Oh thanks for that! Made my day!
No one 'lost' anything. It was overvalued then, and undervalued now.Better get yourself an education in finance before you play with the big boys in the market. Oh, people who (as Cramer puts it) 'schnitzled', as you should have, above $600 made a bundle.
Wow... and it can use the Ctrl-V keys as well!Make it CEO!
You really want to brag about that? Sounds like my Labradoodle has more maturity than you.
So please tell me what earth shattering innovations you're seeing on competitors. Bigger screen? OMG!!Eye tracking? Get me my fainting salts!,Typical sophomoric whining.
My Schwab proxy recommended a 'no' vote, and I agree.Frankly, I'll take the advise of the guys who are (ostensibly) on my side. Carl will cash out if he gets his big bump, causing as much as a dive as he (possibly) caused on the upside.
If networks and studios are afraid to enter into agreements with Apple that might 'do to movies and tv what they did to music', why in the world would they get into bed with Amazon, who's whole business model is to drive the price of everything they touch into the dirt?
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