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Or let the inevitable sea change happen. Saw an article today about how media producers are finding ways to get their content into users' hands ahead of the normal channels. 
Nah, the gas hike after 9/11 was child's play compared to the monumental war profiteering done by Halliburton, KBR, et al. Privatized war is the big casino of profiteering... a few bucks on an iPhone is chump change. 
Screw their devices... they need to do more marketing of their amazingly fast copy machines!
I've been saying for a year that I'll jump to the mini once its retina, mainly because I'm actually starting to suffer arm pain from the weight of the iPad 3. But after a week of articles such as Gruber's defining some good criteria for deciding which device to get, its looking like I'll be getting an iPad Air tomorrow. I'm now in the 'iPad as primary device' camp because I spend all day at work behind a computer (ecch Windows, but a computer nevertheless) and now use my...
Or you could grow up.
Regarding weight... iPad Air: 1 lb iPad 2:   1.33 iPad 3/4: 1.5 (?)   New iPad mini: .73 lb iPad mini: .68 lb   So the mini has gotten heavier (presumably due to more battery needed. Its gotten .01" thicker as well. The iPad Air is nearly a half pound lighter, and considerably smaller.   I had been pretty sure I'd go for the Retina mini (mostly because my left arm is starting to suffer pretty serious pain from holding it) but I'm beginning to think I may go for...
Then don't get one?
Talk to me in a year when the early adopter rush for the 's' has passed and the 'c' has had a full year to establish itself as a bit of a cost saver for people who don't need the specific features of the 's' 'The plural of "anecdote" is not "data"'.
Our problem is that our family uses so few voice minutes and relatively little data use (100 min/3Gb between the 3 of us) that AT&T doesn't offer a shared data plan that makes any sense at all for us. I take the lion's share, using 2/3 of that data.) We have 2 unlimited and 1 2Gb plans and we pay ~$160/mo. (before corp discount.) Any changes we make immediately take us up to almost $200.    Insane.
Actually, I've found the opposite. I'd been dealing with hard crashes not just of apps, but of the entire phone, since installing 7 on my iPhone 5. Since getting my 5s, I haven't had a single freeze. So YMMV.
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