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True that the couch jockeys who inhabit tech forums probably don't get it, but the Boomer market for things that aid health monitoring is going to enormous.
Some are warning of legal pitfalls if people base medical actions on readings that turns out to be less than perfect.    I do hope that this thing doesn't look like 'ass' (to quote Steve), because I'm liking the idea. Hope all of the fashionistas they're hiring means they're designing it to be great looking and flexible in appearance.  Even these wishful mock-ups we're seeing would allow that the screen could display attractive designs when not in use that could be...
Jeez dude... Get a grip. Or cash in your Bitcoins for some mellower crack.
I'm fine with Apple banning what is essentially a drug money laundering mechanism.
Steve's personal interests were centered around music. That gave us the iPod and iTunes. Tim is a fitness buff, so its no surprise that that's where he'll be showing interest. The biggest issue to me is that the music industry has shrunk not because of Apple, but because of the reduced interest in buying music by the baby boom... the proverbial 'pig in the python'. Guess where that demo is focused now? On making the last years as healthy as possible. I've always...
A downside and upside just occurred to me... Upside: less interpersonal distractions. Instead of having a phone out on the dining table, screaming 'look at me!' all the time, and with virtually infinite ability to drill down (and away from real life), a wearable just gives you the 'headlines'. If its important, then yeah, pull out the phone and deal with it. But less likely to draw you in to your wrist.   Downside: Is there a greater universal signal that I'm really...
Well, there goes the 'upscale' appeal of the Apple brand.
They smell blood in the water.
I love the idea, but as long as the lens connects to the iPhone via WiFi Direct, its a non-starter. Too much lag and set up time. No reason these can't use Bluetooth LE. Also (if I remember correctly) you can only use it with the crappy Sony app. It has to be usable with any photo enabled app to be of any value.
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!Oh thanks for that! Made my day!
New Posts  All Forums: