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"The perceived advantage of open software being inanely more secure..." Wonderfully apt misspelling.
How do I find the 'opt-in' page to be sure that I'm opted out?
Right... I'm going to conduct financial transactions of any kind via a platform that 1) exists purely to leverage that info to sell me to more advertisers, and 2) is as likely as not to 'share' the facts of my purchase with all my friends if I slip up and don't explicitly say not to.   Right.
"We need more of a monopoly because all of these internet services (who have to come begging to us for non-throttled bandwidth) might someday get around our monopoly agreements with the content providers". See?
Hadn't thought of him, but yeah... good fit. (Particularly if you've seen the on-set videos of his temper tantrums... sounds like type-casting to me.
Even AI is parroting the 'plummeting' line? Gruber: "Jobs died on 5 October 2011. Apple%u2019s stock closed at $378.25 that day. On Friday 14 March 2014 (last day of trading before the interview was published), Apple%u2019s stock closed at $524.69. (Even if The Sunday Times Magazine has a two-week lead time, Apple%u2019s price has been hovering around $525 for several weeks.) Apple%u2019s stock was, therefore, as of publication of this interview, up 39 percent since Steve...
The simple fact that an article pointing out an obvious fact managed to draw out such blatant racism on this thread speaks volumes.  Rule of thumb... if you start a sentence with "I'm not a racist, but..." then you're probably about to say something stupid and racist. I think I spotted just about every race-based dog whistle so far.  Good job techies!
And a tip o' the hat yo Samsung for demonstrating what a stupid idea that was.
You're not seriously trying to shoehorn 16:9 into this as well, are you? I do NOT want movies visible on a driver-oriented screen, and that's essentially the only reason for 16:9. Even tablets that use it (looking at you, Surface), are now pretty obviously barking up the wrong tree.16:9 belongs on a wall, not a car or hand-held device.All IMO.
I guess what I don't get is, does this mean auto makers who implement it will only be able to sell to iPhone owners? I'm sure not, but still not quite clear on the scope of the target audience. Also, is this an iPhone lock-in then? Once I get this car (like, yeah, sure) if my iPhone dies, amd I without a console until I replace it... with another iPhone? Still, it still looks better than anything I've seen, including the built-in Tesla console.
New Posts  All Forums: