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I was referring to the subject of the article, not you. "The whole country is is in a 'low signal strength' in reality¬Ö all but apple campus and your house it seems?"
Folks should read Andy Ihnatko's review that goes into depth about the quality of the iPhone 4's build. Its far from 'fragile'. Deserving of respect, but hardly fragile, particularly if you protect it as you should. FWIW, I just got the bumper case, and I REALLY like it. Didn't think I would.http://www.suntimes.com/technology/i...062810.article
http://daringfireball.net/2010/07/ip...3g_performance This is the kind of evidence I'm interested in, not emotional, ill-informed rants based on a 'bars' indicator that is about as reliable on any phone as the clock on your grandmother's old VCR.
Its not rational positions such as yours that are the problem. Its the over the top, sky is falling, 'Steve is a Nazi' attitude being exhibited that is so annoying.If an issue requires that you not clutch the device with the self-described 'Death Grip', or move your finger a centimeter, then I hardly see that as the end-of-the-world until a week or two passes and things get properly sorted out. I see that as the truly rational response.
This guy cries that everyone in the country is experiencing horrible iPhone 4 reception, and STEVE'S the arrogant tool? Please.
If you accept (as I do) that Apple is in the cat-bird's seat for the entire next generation computation model (i.e. its mobile ecosystem), then it absolutely is.At least that's where my bet is. Time will tell. But for now, these short term ups/downs are just noise.
Actually, that drop was mostly related to Steve's health. Overall, AAPL greatly outperformed the market. Apple benefits from a flight to quality every time.
The 'anger and rage' is largely from people who don't feel fulfilled unless they're feeling 'anger and rage'. Nothing Apple or Jobs says could have or would have assuaged those who desperately wanted to find fault with this product. Also, the 'anger and rage' is largely on forums such as this, or in articles fed to the NYTimes by Gizmodo. Most people understand that moving your fingers a couple of centimeters is not somehow on the par with Toyota or BP as folks on this...
Actually, there are plenty of people who think it was absolutely proper to award damages for handing scalding liquids, FAR above temperatures suitable for use, to people in a car. McDonalds cranked up the temperature to increase throughput, and endangered their customers. People can disagree on that, but its been turned into a meme about frivolous litigation without merit.
Actually, I'm a rightie who holds the phone to my right ear. I think most righties use their left ear so that they can take notes with their right hand.But in any event, if I hold the phone in the now legendary 'Death Grip', I can't use the phone, not because of any signal loss, but because that puts my fingers between my ear and the phone.I've always held my iPhone in my fingertips for calling, and laying in the palm of my hand for data interaction, not crushed in my...
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