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No, you've see bars on a screen that generally indicate signal strength but apparently are inaccurate. You have no idea what the actual signal strength is.
Your proof? Thought so n
Bummer whe facts conflict with your biases, huh?(Posted from my iPhone 4 in a marginal signal area with now better re option than I've e er had before. )
This needs to be studied as a textbook case of mass hysteria.
And 'affect' can be a noun as in 'dulled 'affect''.
My gut feeling is that at the end of the day, Apple will identify a manufacturer of an inexpensive edge case that they will make available to anyone who asks. It won't be fashionista level, but will do the job and cost very little to distribute to anyone who wants one. They will not give out the official Apple case, because that is NOT a cheapo device. If they need to give out something, it will be one aimed at functionality, not style.
Jeez dude... you sound like someone killed your dog.
Everyone take a breath and read Gruber on this... http://daringfireball.net/2010/07/translation_iphone_4
It doesn't 'technically' get better reception... it really does get better reception. I live in AT&T hell... wilderness edge in Marin, and spend time in SF.Reception in both has greatly improved.Frankly, if the price for most people getting better reception is that a few folks have to use a bumper (I use one simply because its a great case, btw) or have to skootch their fingers a centimeter one way or the other, then its an overall win, and the disaffected can now take...
Prove that the non Apple vendors will require enforcing fees when the manufacturer has indicated otherwise. Prove, not whine.
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