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'Shipments' or 'Sales'? Having gone the 2-fer route, Android 'sales' stats are now suspect in my mind. Anyone can 'ship'... its another thing to actually sell as opposed to giving away promo units.
And it will make no difference to 90%+ of users, and increase usability by increasing streaming speeds. When the pipes are up to it, 1080p will make a marginally better experience. Until then responsiveness is more important. Apple knows that.
The same gripes come up every time Apple uses the 'i*' convention, and every time, it becomes a non-issue. Branding is REALLY important, whether people like it or not. And Apple has made good use of iBrands.
No, its Unobtanium.
Actually, that's the sad part. If the catalog were released on iTunes, there would be massive sales, just due to publicity, 'something new', etc. Without it, people will just continue to rip & trade. To quote the closing lines from another British product, ... 'Maddness... simply Maddness'. (BTW, I know LOTS of kids amongst whom the Beatles are really popular. Quality survives.)
This was the impact (and, frankly, the whole point) of the 'antennagate' churn... to stir up FUD. Less dropped calls, but increased concern about the antenna. Mission accomplished, haters.
Ah... the old 1 vulnerability = countless vulnerabilities equivalency fallacy. This is for sure a flaw, but an exception... as opposed to designing in vulnerability under the guise of 'openness'.
Because you want it to return to where you were when you re-enter, not starting with the splash, choose, connect screens every time.
I supposed that's why almost every phone in the past 3 years has been a flat out copy then (other than retro throw-backs like this)? Chicklet keyboards? ... please.
BTW... can anyone tell me why 'integrated social media interactivity' is in any way a 'feature'? If I really need to get minute-by-minute updates on strangers' inane activities, I have hundreds of options via various apps.
New Posts  All Forums: