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I think publishers should tread carefully in drawing conclusions from the #1 Wired issue. I bought it out of curiosity, but frankly am unlikely to buy another, at least on a regular basis. Its very beautiful, but the advertising is overwhelming and I don't want another app for each magazine issue. I don't want a digital version of my grandparents basement (with 5000 copies of National Geographic that accumulated.) I think there's some evolution that has to happen here.
Please name an 'anti-competitive practice' engaged in by Apple.
I think that was meant as tongue in cheek.
My guess is that the only people at Google pushing this meme are folks who think '1984' refers to a Macintosh commercial and have never read the actual book.
But 'proper channels' don't consist of a guy named Vinnie in a parking lot at midnight.
1) And rolling over for some 2 bit stolen property fencers would be WAY worse for their image and ability to protect their intellectual property.2) Are you f***ing nuts? I don't know ANYONE who's considering buying before June now, including myself.3) You overestimate the degree to which the public is conscious of Apple's release cycles, as obvious as it is we who follow such trivia. But I may have upgraded now, thinking that new features don't outweigh my ability to get...
A letter from someone saying 'Its mine' doesn't constitute proof that it really is theirs. That's not what the requested letter was for... it was to obtain more web-traffic bait when they published it. I.e. a thing of value in and of itself, i.e. extortion.
Yes, and your point is? Are you saying that if something is stolen from you you don't have a right to call the police? (And the thing stolen was not just the physical phone, but the proprietary information leaked to competitors via the teardown and even the photos.)
??? Taken a reading comprehension course lately?
We get it... you love Flash and no doubt make a pretty penny 'developing' in it.My point is that the only people who passionately 'need' Flash are those who1) want their porn2) want to bombard us with annoying jumping ads, and3) want to play primitive games like Farmville.And the constant meme from the pro-Flash crowd is that Apple forces you to use a 'crippled internet' (again the hubris) because it doesn't agree with the definition of "The Internet" as the 3 features above.
New Posts  All Forums: