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Apple is under massive and coordinated attack at the moment and they're responding in a defensive mode. What else would you expect them to do?
Because a day doesn't go by that some 3rd rate reviewer or reporter doesn't bring up freedom from Flash (or as they put it, 'lack of Flash') as a negative for Apple's mobile products. This letter just puts a stake in that meme's heart.
Your point, Captain non-sequitur?
Oh give us a break. Repeat after me: Stolen Property. Criminal Case. Police Action, not Apple Action.
?? Because people who buy stolen property are your heros?
This has nothing to do with journalism. It has to do with buying stolen property.
This is a criminal investigation, not civil. i.e. this isn't being done on Apple's behest. Its the police who are investigating it.
This is not imaginary... a year ago, this forum was awash in those claiming that the Japanese were SOOOO much more sophisticated than Americans, and they would NEVER embrace the iPhone because it didn't include the endless list of unusable 'features' that were and ABSOLUTE requirement for Japanese users. This isn't an exaggeration. Yes we're rubbing it in.
B-B-But the Japanese HATE the iPhone!!! How can this be???
To quote 'All the President's Men', that's a non-denial denial.
New Posts  All Forums: