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Right. People are dying because they can't skootch their hand a millimeter one way or the other. I've never seen such screwed up priorities and childish whining as I have in the past week.
I know that seems illogical, but it does. I got no FaceTime buttons on my phone until I enabled messaging. At that point the FaceTime button appeared. I've now removed messaging and I'm still FT enabled. It apparently uses messaging for the initial activation with the home servers. The question is if it's a one time deal or if it needs messaging from every new network you call from.
So does this mean that after the first connection, you don't have to have messaging enabled either? I don't have or want messaging on my iPhone. (Don't get me started on the rip-off that is the messaging pricing from AT&T.) But if I can enable it for one month of limited in order to activate FaceTime, I'll do that. What's with the requirement for messaging in the first place?
"Sometimes wonder"?? What do you think the whole antenna FUD campaign is about? And judging by today's $12 drop, its working. Buying opportunity.
I'm willing to bet the for every owner experiencing degraded service because of the antenna, there are 100 getting BETTER reception for the same reason. I know I'm in the latter category. Does that mean I get to launch a class action suit against these ambulance chasers if I have to give up my improved external antenna?
I'm still a bit confused about what 'releasing Face Time as an open standard' means. If Skype wants to use the front facing camera on the iPhone 4, does it need to 'use FaceTime', and exactly what does that mean. I've seen articles indicating that Skype doesn't want to 'use FaceTime', but I don't see how that precludes them using the front facing camera for video Skyping. And if the FaceTime APIs are the only way to access the front facing camera, why would Skype...
No, its a simple recognition of the fact that touching antennas affect their functionality.The hypocrites are those shouting 'Fail' at Apple for an issue that affects all phones.I'll take the demonstrably superior reception on my iPhone 4 any day over the ability to squeeze it like a grip exerciser.
I got the on-screen reservation confirmation via the Apple Store, but have yet to receive an email confirmation. Is that looking to be common?
Jezus, people... Get a grip.
Android's problem is that it has a natural ceiling. A certain segment of 'roll your own' techies will find it more to their liking, but ultimately, Google doesn't have a clue as to how to support a consumer product. They have no direct support infrastructure, leaving them at the mercy of their manufacturers. That means 1) second rate support, and 2) balkanization of the market. 'Android' will not be able to get a cohesive name as a brand. I feel sorry for people with geek...
New Posts  All Forums: