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Actually, if the continued lines for the device are any indicator, general intelligence in the customer base is damned good.Its the intelligence of the pontificating tech know-it-alls on this kind of forum that is in question.
Since you clearly live in your parents basement and have never actually worked for a corporation, let me 'splain something to you Lucy. A job posting does not show up in a week. Assuming that some antenna engineer was immediately fired for an unclearly diagnosed symptom instead of being assigned to, oh say, FIX IT, the paperwork involved in just the HR gymnastics needed to post an opening would take weeks.
There has always been chatter about the interference and bad reception caused by the internal antenna. Apple has gotten slammed for 'poor reception' for 3 years, and when they finally think outside the box (literally in this case) they get slammed for THAT. Its a no-win, hence Jobs' reply. My reception has improved markedly with this device, and yes, I've found occasional locations where the bars (NOT, btw necessarily actual signal strength) have reduced. Big F-ing...
So you're illiterate as well as hysterical then. That article says nothing of the sort. It simply says that CS reps are under instructions not to issue unproven 'fixes' to an as yet undiagnosed issue.
So your problem is with attitude and hurt feelings, not with any specific technical issue then.
Obvious to whom? If its shown that there is a specific problem that requires either a recall or use of bumpers, then at that point it may make sense to provide them to anyone who asks. But at the moment, there's nothing but rampant speculation as to cause, and indeed to symptoms. Only an idiot would start handing out 'fixes' without 100% certainty as to symptom and cause. Of course, 'idiotic' pretty well describes all of the hysteria being demonstrated here.
Right. People are dying because they can't skootch their hand a millimeter one way or the other. I've never seen such screwed up priorities and childish whining as I have in the past week.
I know that seems illogical, but it does. I got no FaceTime buttons on my phone until I enabled messaging. At that point the FaceTime button appeared. I've now removed messaging and I'm still FT enabled. It apparently uses messaging for the initial activation with the home servers. The question is if it's a one time deal or if it needs messaging from every new network you call from.
So does this mean that after the first connection, you don't have to have messaging enabled either? I don't have or want messaging on my iPhone. (Don't get me started on the rip-off that is the messaging pricing from AT&T.) But if I can enable it for one month of limited in order to activate FaceTime, I'll do that. What's with the requirement for messaging in the first place?
"Sometimes wonder"?? What do you think the whole antenna FUD campaign is about? And judging by today's $12 drop, its working. Buying opportunity.
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