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So now that you don't have an issue to whine about, you're turning on the folks who were right to begin with, huh? Classy
You have no way of knowing that.
At that point, anyone who buys knows exactly about the so-called 'problem'.If they still want the iPhone 4 (and they will), then there's no issue.
Whoa there pardner... You terminated service and went to AT&T coverage (with all of its accompanying shortcomings) without having had a friend with an iPhone test out coverage at your home first? Your description proves nothing about the iPhone 4, at least the way you describe it. For all you know, you'd be having the same issues with a 3GS.
I've owned multiple cases for my other iPhones, and the bumper case is the best I've used. To each his own, but that doesn't fuel FUD does it?
Care to show us the materials and manufacturing invoices to back up your claim?
Um, I've still yet to meet anyone demonstrating that this is a 'problem'. Again... "Doc... it hurts when I do this." "Then don't do that". Move your GD finger a millimeter. The antenna design is still a vast improvement for those not trying to get in on a phony class action.
No, the point is that free email services become sources for spam, and mail from those services (e.g. Hotmail) end up on spam blacklists. Controlling accounts (which costs $$) helps ensure that email from those domains doesn't end up on spam blacklists. Its not about mail coming into free services, its about spam coming OUT of them.
Patience, Grasshopper. Patience.
No, you've see bars on a screen that generally indicate signal strength but apparently are inaccurate. You have no idea what the actual signal strength is.
New Posts  All Forums: