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No, its a simple recognition of the fact that touching antennas affect their functionality.The hypocrites are those shouting 'Fail' at Apple for an issue that affects all phones.I'll take the demonstrably superior reception on my iPhone 4 any day over the ability to squeeze it like a grip exerciser.
I got the on-screen reservation confirmation via the Apple Store, but have yet to receive an email confirmation. Is that looking to be common?
Jezus, people... Get a grip.
Android's problem is that it has a natural ceiling. A certain segment of 'roll your own' techies will find it more to their liking, but ultimately, Google doesn't have a clue as to how to support a consumer product. They have no direct support infrastructure, leaving them at the mercy of their manufacturers. That means 1) second rate support, and 2) balkanization of the market. 'Android' will not be able to get a cohesive name as a brand. I feel sorry for people with geek...
or who drive around in trucks 'accidentally' recording private wifi traffic under the guise of (wink wink) mapping images.
Let's face it... The full-court media press is on against Apple. Its the 'theme' of the month, now that the old one about the 'anti-incumbent' wave is getting harder to sell. All one can do is use it as a buying opportunity.
So I assume you're going to buy one so that you can continue to bitch, right?
Please tell us exactly what Apple as a monopoly over. And don't say 'Apps on their own platform.' That ain't a monopoly.
As opposed to, say, Drudge or Fox? The biases of some of the right wing trolls here is pretty obvious. NYTimes is still the 'paper of record' for those still in the fact based universe. Doesn't mean they're not capable of dumb moves such as this tho'.
First, they came for those using unlimited bandwidth, and no one spoke to defend them. Then, they came for those using over 2 GB, and no one spoke to defend them. Then they came for me and my paltry 200 MB, and there was no one left to speak for me. Couldn't resist.
New Posts  All Forums: