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4.8" iPhone?  Yes please.  I would love to have the extra battery all of that internal space could provide.  And it would make reading and browsing a little nicer as well.
The iMac is too this as it is. I would rather see it a little thicker and loose the dreaded iMac chin. Much like the new Apple Thunderbolt Displays. In addition, a larger volume could possibly help with heat dissipation.
I think it has gone too far as well. I would rather have a clean, modern look. I don't need to be fooled into thinking I'm using something in the real world.
I think the resolution is fine on the iMacs for now.  Would love to see a spec bump of course.  Faster RAM, CPU, GPU etc.  It's a solid machine.  Not sure if Apple can put much WOW factor in it.  I don't need it to be any thinner.  Most people sit further away from a desktop monitor then a laptop screen.  At least I do.  Therefore, a higher resolution screen won't do as much for me in a desktop environment as it would a laptop.    
If the full experience is so great then why even make Windows RT tablets???
I would love to have the option to buy a 7" iPod touch. Part of the reason why Apple dominated the PMP market was that they had every price point covered. Right now Samsung is working very hard to cover every tablet pricepoint/size category. Apple needs to make a move in the 5-7" tablet space. The touch would be the way to go. Keep the iPad brand premium with the current screen size.
Listen everyone. Just calm down. Apple doesn't need to sink a ton of cash into this. Just bake in easy pairing for a specific controller button layout then let the 3rd party manufactures and game developers take it from there. Apple should not have to invest hardly any resources into it. I would love to continue to play my casual games while out and about in the world. Then come home and pop the iPad into a stand and pick up a controller to play my hard core games. ...
OK. I know this is totally crazy. But what if Apple worked out a deal with Verizon and AT&T where their Apple TV had an LET connection to bypass cable networks. And all of the TV's requests that were routed to iCloud for Movies, TV, Music and pictures were not counted against their data accumulations? This would be similar to how Amazon provided free data connectivity to Kindles. I know this cannot possibly be a reality as the data usage would be astronomically huge. ...
No need for plastic on an aluminum backed iPhone. The antennas are on the outside. Remember antennagate? Besides, Liquidmetal is radio transparent. And the screen size will need to be larger to make room for the larger battery in the LTE iPhone. LTE requires a lot of energy. A bigger battery is needed to maintain acceptable battery performance.
Yes, people should be compensated for solving problems with new processes or designs. But there has to be a reasonable time limit on the patent. You should get 5 or 10 years to take advantage of it. After that it becomes part of the public domain. Otherwise you just end up with these companies that essentially just sit on patents for YEARS and make the products I but more expensive.
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