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I have great reception with the iphone 4 works in several dead spots that the 3gs and 3g would not work. also works in my office building where vzw had to install special equipment for bb to work.. So yes I love the phone .. Media needs to sell papers and Apple is taking papers away with smart phones and eazy access to websites ..
[QUOTE=Bagman;1677216]Spin control - Jobs is good at it. He said nothing that anyone hadn't already known, except to deny any prior knowledge of the problem, and promised nothing other than they were going to continue working to make the antenna issue less of an issue - and you get a free case (sorry, we can't take a hit on our bumper gross margins), so you get a nifty 50 cent case for your trouble. They are obviously working on version 2 of the iP4, and I will wait...
Get a Case .. My iphone 4 works better then my 3g.. and works at work where VWZ had to install Antennas just so BB would work..
Live in Texas and work in Chicago have about one droped call a month.. Had more with VZW... and even more with sprint.. nextel was the best.. that I had.. If the call so damn important use a land line..
I am guessing the same.. But apple is about easy choices .. and I am sure this is why they stayed with ATT to make it easy for the vast amount of current users..
1. Oh no Whats the GEEK SQUAD going to do.... 2. If we are weeks away from Windows 7 how come the stores are not ready.. I assume you would want them on lunch
We use it all the time .. Cheaper to Rent HD movies then cost on PPV on Direct TV. .Dont use netflix because I travel a lot and like to watch movies on my computer or phone.. And would forget we pay a monthly fee.
Only if you have the Data plan on both phones already.. What is stored on them is the ATT info.. Not sure how you are using an edge sim in an 3g phone.. I would maybe want to go get a 3g card they have different ones.. (not sure how this effects the speed or network..
Its like wheres Waldo..
Hey just put the sim from the 3gs in my 3g. and put her sim from her 3 g in the 3gs and bingo.. worked ready to go.. That way we can have the next one upgraded next year...
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