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Get Well Steve PS Is it an iLiver
Maybe I can explain better... We have a very nice Canon HD camera.. But the wife does not want to lug around 24/7. So I Was going to get the new 3gs and take over her I phone.. and sell my current I phone.. so she did not have to pay the upgrade pricing.. (they only bill her 20$ a month for Texting.) becauase I really dont want to upgrade..
The WSJ is so reliable these days.. Who they consult Dr. William Gates Sr. and his Son...
Both me and my wife have iphones.. on family plan.. only one phone can get the upgrade.. Can we get the upgrade and put her sim card in it and go .. and sell here iphone and i keep my phone.. Att said as long as the number is not disconnected and we still pay the data plan we can use what ever phone we want.. I dont want to get ride of my current 3g but we have young kids and the video would come in handy.. any thoughts.. Crazy is here price is more then mine but she only...
I have 2 for sale..
Because most I phone users are apple fans .. And we constently need the new product.. plus it has f-nnn video now...
I bought mine on launch day and just got off the phone with ATT exec offices. (on other complaint.. And I can get two for 199$ on june 19th and can order tommorrow.. Hell ya..
Hopefully We Get T-shirts for standing in Line.. need my new apple t-shirt..
Whats the best program to use..
Since when as a CITI ever been right about anything with apple... This would cut huge into apples Cost to build... Apple does not work like this.. you really dont have a big choice.. if you want a custom computer you have to have them build it .. not walk into the apple store.. I can see the Issues now.. Hum Att, Or Verizon um this has that.. Yeah thats what apple really wants.. You want there product you go with the company they choose.. if not go get a damn Blackberry.....
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