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I need a little help trying to figure how to place the airports. Current setup.. Us Airport as Wireless to Imac (g band) and to Macbook pro (G) and Macbook (N).. I also currently use a PS3, Apple TV and Wii wirelessly to the Airport.. I also will be connecting my Direct tv receiver and stereo receiver thru direct link to one of the Airports.. So my question is which Airport should I hook up to what.. I have the Imac upstairs..(would that benefit from a wired...
sure wish I could just load Iphoto and Itunes on it and play off all my macs.. come on apple.. Will go get the new extreme and keep my old one to ..
Still no internal Blu ray...
Please help looking for a camera to work with the mac... most be HD... Looking for something in the under 1100 range ..
Guess what I am sure you pay your hard earned money to a lot of Gay people every day.. PS and Redmond is a gay free place... ya right..
sounds to me like intel just found out that the Lost the Apple deal.. Bash Bash
I work with Photoshop and edited all day long.. with a glossy mac.. why would anyone require a antiglare display.. subdues the colors... PS I am a professional sports photographer.
I agree and even on a matt screen you see the Flash... PS i love the glossy makes my photos pop...
At least use apple computers to show what you are bitching about..
Why on an Apple forum would you show a POS Dell monitor..
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