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If you have not gotten it fixed yet..go to apple store they will give you a reconditioned one.. (there really new phones that are not in the fancy box they should have a few in the back .. think the stores got like 20 in each color..
Hey what are my options I droped the phone and the glass cracked around the speaker...old iphone was a lot more durable .. Dropped that sucker like 3 times..
Damn austin store still had a line at 9pm of 160 people out side..
I would like to add a Iphone to a family plan too.. do we have to have a credit check. already an att customer ... Do I have to activate at ATT store or can I go to an Apple store... We all ready have 2 iphones on our family plan.. does any one have any sugestions.. I live in South Florida and have a chicago number is there going to be any issues with this .... the other numbers on the family plan are 305...
In this economy are the flipping crazy.... Guess that got to pay for that fancy new Head Quaters in Dallas they are building... No Text and raised the price, I guess there was no mention of adding just data to my current plan.
I was glad to see my mac name will not change.. But will miss my bookmarks// great for when i am at work.. and dont want to download them all to the work machine... Steve ask the users that curently use your service what they like...
FAKE... Apple would not risk... steve being upstaged....
they should have to wash steve's black Benz....
Does anyone know when new release become avl. for rent.. I would like to watch Juno but don't want to buy but would like to rent... .
Unless you are Steve Jobs, there would be no way of knowing if it was ready.. Apple worked on the first version for 3 years before even saying anything about it... At this point I would not be surprised if they have it ready but had a target date in June.. The people dont bitch about a new 15 days after they bought there iphone 1.0.. and cant return it and its cheaper then what they paid.. Has anyone check to see if physical stores have them still ..
New Posts  All Forums: