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I figure they are still working on the cost..Apple wants this and ATT wants that... this is apple we always know a little about what is coming, but they sometimes throw a little surprise our way... I figure WIFI is messing the data plans up.. I know i can get Wifi every were here in Austin.. for free.. and in a few places I travel to.. I am there the first day.. I want the phone.. I am going to check it out my self.. if it trully does not fit in my budget.....
Any one think Apple will offer Apple Care on the I phone... They seem to offer it on everything else.. just wondering would sure like not to have to pay monthly for phone insurance..
Market closes at 4 pm EST time for Nasdaq its got to be for the free media coverage and when they run out they can just close the door.. rather then have to answer the phone and door all day..
Ok so saw 3 ads last night on 20/20 and MSNBC all had the 2 year agreement back on them.. so is this abc not showing the right tape or what..
What about the 5th ave store that never closes .. How would that work.....
any body see the leopard sneak.. anything you guys think is cool.. or new
Does the 3mil include the ones that Steve is hording for ebay...
Also the time on all 4 ads is the same... 9:42 am ... 4 comercials shot in under a min.. I want them filming my companys stuff..
I think in this case, it would be better for them to have them on hand then not.. PS3 were hot at xmas but once the buzz that they are not around wore off.. who wants one.. (makes one helluva good blu ray player) to bad stevie did not add a blu ray to apple tv
any one notice that in all 4 ads its the same damn time.. 9:42 AM (never seen a comerical take less then a min to shoot) this thing must be able to stop time..
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