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I would say most likey.. they extend it to two years from purchase.. sometimes
I agree its all about pricing.. i am not paying for expensive phones to get raped by aTT on there bad plans.. Ie: the unity plan... dang I might as well get 3k mins its cheaper then that sucker..
they better get out some better rate plans for this phone .. ATT does not have a good enough deal for me to spend 600 on a phone.. The more I read the less I want.. There is way to much speculation around this product.. Apple has built the hype now let us figure what to do...
It is a button that goes right to Steve's desk if you have an issue with your phone... Ps marvin the phone comes out on June 29th.. I wish I had your calender for the week away..
get a refurbed nano and use it if it is not enough sell it on ebay... I have sold a few on there and have only lost a little money on each purchase..
from what I understand.. Apple is handling the customer service.. They want to make sure you are happy, and from what I also heard if you buy a phone they are going to call you a make sure you don't have any issues.. they hired a ton of people in austin to due this..I am guessing steve wants the experice to work like it does in the stores...
Just from my knowledge... Apple is going to be handling the customer care on the Iphone.. they are going to be actual apple employees not the temp ones the normally hire...Jobs requested this thats why they went on a hiring binge last month in austin and Chicago.. Price is always in issue but we still have not seen the packages.or even the really cost of the phone I am sure the thing will cost 500 but who knows.. the iphone is going to be handled different. not I want...
I am running a 40 sony xbr 3 lcd.. and only one or two programs have not looked that great.. It is not 1080 p like my blu ray but the trailers are really good and some Tv shows like lost have been very good..
you think apple and jobs would make the same mistake as Sony and shorting a product I could see them not say anything till that day like they due for every other product.. .. I can see them taking there time to sign people up but they will also be selling over the phone..
It's got to be the end of the month. Apple is doing all the Customer support for the product, they start people on June 4th with training.. for 3 weeks .. Then they will be able to sell and support the phone...
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