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Thank you so much Hiro! This has definitely come in handy. Ive tried dabbling in C and Java before but always found it excruciatingly painful. Thank you, I never once considered Python. Thank you again!
Hello everyone, I'm looking into getting into computer programming (specifically Java and C) and I was wondering if you guys know of any resources that would help a beginner, such as myself, with programming. I have no clue where to start, so any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance guys.
TIme Machine does not notice network harddrives or USB harddrives plugged into your airport extreme base station. to get that functionality you need to buy the new Time Capsule from apple that works with Time Machine.
Oh man Im sorry no one responded earlier. Well still glad I was able to help, and if you encounter anything of the sort like that again, run through those steps.
Hi there mello, try seeing if its your internet connection, are you on wireless or are you wired to the internet? This might just be a network issue since your Japan and your cousin is in the states. If not try going to iChat preferences and under the video tab select bandwidth limit, and select unlimited. then go to system preferences and under Internet and Network pick Quicktime, and then go to the streaming and select your internet speed, or just T1.
I know very little about Logic Studio being a good music composition suite. For sure Garageband is not the way to go, its so bad for music composition. But if your looking into good programs, look into Reason. Ive used it on a number of occasions, and it is a hefty program, that can do A LOT of things for you. But back to your question, I would say its a good buy on the stand point that its a powerful audio program, ask your proffesor about audio programs such as Logic Pro.
Nova, going to your last question about paritioning for windows. If your are running OSX Leopard, which I assume you are since you just got a new Mac Pro (congrats BTW). Just go to the spotlight and type in Boot Camp, click the result, and just follow the steps. That should be a cleaner process than partitioning it through the Windows cd. Once you set up Boot Camp yes you can browse files while in OSX on the windows partition, and I believe from the windows partition, view...
you could do as Kingofsomewherehot has shown, OR you could use one of two programs. Music Rescue which can be found here on apples website http://www.apple.com/downloads/macos...sicrescue.html or use the program Senuti (iTunes backwards XD) which is available here http://www.fadingred.org/senuti/ Both of which were recommended to me when I first got my mac and needed to get my songs and stuff off. I went the music rescue route seeing as its on apples website and if...
alright, what your gonna wanna do first is try to restore the ipod, it could just be a bug. So try restoring it, and see if theres a system firmware uprade for the ipod, if there is obviously download it (itunes will take care of the installation and what not). See how that goes, if you have anymore problems just come back we'll try to help you.
Sorry if this is out of topic but I couldnt find anywhere else to put this. But what do you guys think about the possible features that apple will put into mac os 11? Will they change teh kernel? Will they change the code they used in OS 10?
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