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I have been wondering for a while if software exists to do a more 'thorough' search. What I'm wanting to do is to be able to hit a keyboard shortcut, then to type in a name of a file then for files containing said search phrase. The catch is, I want it to only search on one directory and only search for one file type (*.pages files) i'd then like another keyboard shortcut, where it searches in the same directory, but only for *pdf files or it could all be done in...
I love pages, and use it all the time, there's improvements to be made, but it's so so so much better than word for what I do at work! Don't like numbers so I use excel, I'm currently running the latest beta of office 2011 and the only thing I am loving it outlook, it is so so so much better than apple's mail, it's in a different league!
I thought everyone on here would be happy, M$ office is more fully featured than any other office app for the mac, I have been playing with Beta3 and think it's a huge improvement, I am thinking of switching to word from pages as pages doesn't offer a lot of features I need. Why all the hate?
just tried that, still doing it... Any other suggestions? could it be software? I cant think what software it would be as everything I have on I have been using for years
Hi I have a July 2009 macbook pro 13" with 4gb ram and a 500gb hard drive, it seems to have been hanging a lot recently, but figured it was some minor software thing. got up today and its barely usable, it works for about 10 mins then i get a spinning beachball for 30 secs or so then it's off again like everythings fine then stops again.... Has anyone got any ideas as its been driving me mad and i have uninstalled all sorts, cleared loads of caches out. Its been...
Thanks, I have ordered a 7200rpm 500gb seagate one, :-) Thanks for your help
Hi, I cant get any clarification of this anywhere it seems, I'm wondering if the current generation macbook pro 13" which I have will work with a 7200RPM internal hard drive, on apples website you can only configure them with a 5400RPM one, yet people are advertising 7200 ones as being compatible on ebay . . Also does it matter which brand a use, Thanks for any help.
good, Apple need a £499 macbook and a £699 imac in England, that would push them into a completely new market, so many people want one but just cannot justify twice as much money for something that they're not sure they will like
i patented ":-)" last week im now going to sue you all where's my lawyer mwahahahahahahaaaaaaaaa, im going to be rich!
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