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Thanks Marvin. Was a little worried that so much RAM was being used for no apparent reason. The machine seems to be running a lot faster now with the extra RAM. Beforehand things like Aperture were crawling!
All processes are shown. yes i'm using Mavericks. Screenshots of processes follow...     Yet Activity Monitor tells a different story?     strange?
Hey all.   Just installed 8gb Crucial RAM in my mid 2012 MacbookPro bringing it to a total of 10GB. Problem is, the thing is using 7.50GB of this RAM on idle!!   I have Safari, process viewer and Viber running in the background and nothing else discernible so what would be sucking this much memory? BTW the book was running slowly on stock 4GB RAM so thats why I upgraded.
So, my MacbookPro has a virus/trojan called  Mal/BredoZp-B  floating around it somewhere. I've got the free version of Sophos antivirus running in the background and as such it has detected and "removed" the threat. Problem is, it keeps popping up every so often so I believe that it is still on the computer, hiding somewhere. Doing my head in!   Any advice on what to do to get rid of it and is it a real threat?  I believe that it is more of a threat to Windows...
Thanks again Marvin. I actually have a Western Digital USB3 2TB portable HDD which I use solely for music simply because I have far too many songs to keep on the internal drive. The larger 3.5 externals are relatively cheaper for more storage so the more the better. Had a look at Crucial and here's what I got...   So I have a question. I see there is an 8GB kit comprising two 4 GB sticks or an option of one 8GB stick. Is it possible to buy and install the single 8GB...
Thanks for the reply Marvin. I shall look into a SSD for the machine although they are still quite expensive. I had this thing BTO with a larger 750gb HDD though in hindsight I should have ordered the 7200 version. Had a look at the process viewer and found that flash player plug-in for Safari was running constantly and using at times up to 93% CPU! Quit that. Here is a screenshot of istat. Note the fan speed even when the machine is cool. Also note the amount of memory...
Okay, I've just about had it with my latest Mac. I am the (not so proud) owner of a MacBook Pro 2012  15 inch  2.3ghz Intel Core i7 with 4GB ram running 10.8.5.  And just my luck just out of warranty. This shit has been building up for a while. I already own a few Macs from years ago and this is the first time I have had to post this stuff.   Aperture runs too slowly.... beach ball most tasks. Just lost a shed load of photos that I imported earlier in the day. Couldn't...
Yes Chromecast will sell very well and probably eat into AppleTV sales. Hell, I might even buy one! Best way to counteract any decrease in AppleTV sales would be if apps were offered for it or, best scenario, a jailbreak for AppleTV3 surfaced ;)
A relative recently deleted video of her kids by accident held on an SD card from camcorder. Having done a search for suitable software to recover the video from the card all I have been able to find are pieces of adware/spyware/dunnoware with no solid reviews on reliability or safety.   Can anyone reccommend a piece of software (preferably free or inexpensive) that will recover the video data from the card? Thanks in advance 
Okay, so where is the next update to Aperture? Still slow and buggy as hell! Wtf Apple? Oh, and needs more features.
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