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The release notes show a long list of fixes and improvements.
No, it's not possible- the Retina iMac uses internal busses and a custom controller chip to drive the 5K display.  Once you're talking about an external monitor it's restricted by the thru-put of the cable, in this case Thunderbolt 2's 20Gbps.  That's fast enough for 4K displays, but not 5K (about 25Gbps needed).  There's simply not enough bandwidth in a single cable.  Some 5K displays are coming out with dual-link Thunderbolt- which would split the signal across 2...
I think a MacPro update depends on when Skylake is due to come down the pipe.  It will bring with it Thunderbolt 3, with 40Gb/s connectivity.  That has been rumoured to come out near the end of 2015- if that's the case, then i don't see Apple updating the MacPro again in the interim.   • edit- see Marvin's post
 Besides time for regulatory approvals, the interim would allow developers time to create or modify apps for the new device.
 Gruber isn't talking specifically about the overall watch shape, but about the band across the bottom of the face where the display controllers are.  It's a round watch face with a chunk out of the bottom of the display.  He's been raging on this on the blog and THE TALK SHOW since it was announced.  And he's right, it's a lazy compromised design.If you've ever really read Gruber, you've heard him criticize many things about Apple hardware and software over the years.
Yet another article parroting TechCrunch's erroneous reporting that Apple is working with Adobe to transition people to Lightroom.  TechCrunch already corrected this LAST FRIDAY!
 With no currently sold or supported iPhones using the "Pre-Retina" resolution of 320x480 anymore, I think Apple could make room for at least 1 additional resolution target for developers.  With the current 640x960 essentially becoming the new 1x, and either a new doubling or alternate resolution [1080p] taking up a new 2x position for larger screens.
 Which is why I don't think they're going to offer only one option from here on.  They don't do it in any of their other major product categories- all those devices have two screen size options.  I think 2 could suffice for this year, but I think the iPhone could potentially expand to 3 sizes- from the current 4" screen, to a 4.7" we'll very likely see here, to a 5.5" version- whether that's this year or not.
 You said it exactly.  You are subscribing to Apple, just via their hardware.  Apple can afford to work this way.  Adobe as a purely software company cannot. Without needing to sell it's user base on big, annual upgrades, Adobe has no motivation to hold back features.  So updates will come more frequently. Apple similarly releases updates when they're ready.  If you've already bought FinalCutProX, then don't expect to pay again until the next major revision- which could be...
 Its an easy thing to say, but if you work in video production, publishing, web design, etc.... Adobe's products (for good or ill) hold the same preeminent position as Microsofts Office Suite. I think them moving to the subscription model will ultimately open up a window for some competitor to scoop up users who can't or won't move onto Creative Cloud.  Guys like Acorn or Pixelmator should be moving as fast as they can right now to build out their applications as viable...
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