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 Hard to say.  Since the iMac didn't get TB2, I think it's far more likely that the MBP won't get it either, and that TB2 will be exclusive to the MacPro until next year's revisions.
The article is confusing. It's painting SuperHD as something new to AppleTV- I've had Netflix SuperHD content showing up on my aTV since May of this year.
 Anytime after Mavericks and before December.While it won't get any "stage" time at the supposed October Event, I'd expect Apple to update us on the status, either announcing it for sale or pre-order.
  And if you'll note, my original reply was specifically in reference to a message about the MAC/PC campaign.
  Sorry.  I don't get how ads that insult the user make me want to use their product.  And I think ads like these fly right over the heads of people who aren't "techie enough" to be aligned with any particular platform.
  I was speaking specifically about the Mac/Pc ads.  I think the 80's Apple stuff was definitely more cut-throat between Mac and Windows.  There was no clear winner in the PC space in 1985 when this ad was made.   I think the Samsung ads a very much a "speaking to the converted".  I can't imagine too many people who are going to watch an ad where they're being called idiots for using their current product are going to go running to Samsung.
  To my mind, there's one important difference.  The PC USER was never brought into the comparison in Apple's ads, only the machines (though anthromorphised by the two actors).  Samsung's adds attempt to directly caricature and mock users of Apple's products.
Yeah.  This was housecleaning.  Depending on your hardware config, I'd heard of 10.0.8 being really buggy.   Since it'll have been a year since the last big feature update with 10.0.6 (in October) by the time it drops, I think we can expect some big things.   I'm thinking end of October.  Timed to coincide with the launch of Mavericks and the MacPro.
The application pictured is Motion5. 
  In this particular case, when Verizon's percentage of total iPhone sales has been so consistent over many quarters- I don't think you need to treat it with the same vitriol as most "analysis".  Of course, the percentage could change.  But until it does it's a pretty solid data point.
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