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Yeah.  This was housecleaning.  Depending on your hardware config, I'd heard of 10.0.8 being really buggy.   Since it'll have been a year since the last big feature update with 10.0.6 (in October) by the time it drops, I think we can expect some big things.   I'm thinking end of October.  Timed to coincide with the launch of Mavericks and the MacPro.
The application pictured is Motion5. 
  In this particular case, when Verizon's percentage of total iPhone sales has been so consistent over many quarters- I don't think you need to treat it with the same vitriol as most "analysis".  Of course, the percentage could change.  But until it does it's a pretty solid data point.
On it's own this announcement may not excite everyone, but when I pair this with a interview with the head of Warner Archive Instant I listened to a few days ago, where he hinted that the service would be coming to "other streaming platforms this year", I wonder if this is more indication that expanded and/or customizable "apps" (channels) are on their way to the AppleTV in the near future.
  As someone who lives in another part of the world, you are incorrect.  I've used Apple Maps exclusively since launch and have never had an issue in Southern Ontario (Canada).
  Jim's track record for accuracy speaks for itself.  He never breaks scoops, but when he confirms or deny's them, you can take them to the bank.
I don't think it's completely out of the realm of possibility that Apple might eventually expand it's product line to include a larger iPhone. Apple offers 2 screen sizes in every other product they make. I think we could see Apple offer a 4" and 5" screen. But I agree that beyond that the market is probably marginal enough for Apple not to be worried about it- OR as suggested above, simply add phone functionality to iPads in conjunction with a wireless headset.
  I think that's entirely dependent on what you want to do on it.  Some functions naturally lend themselves to a larger screen size, much like on a laptop.   The mini MAY (like the iPod Mini) end up becoming the more popular product by volume, but I think there will still be a segment that wants a 10" iPad, and are willing to pay for it.  As long as they buy an iPad, I'm not sure how much Apple cares which one it is.
  Let's not forget how much of that 32GB is eaten up by the OS.  Only 20GB available.  it's still more space, but not double.
  It's my field (Pro Video) and people are already waiting.  And 8-12 months passes pretty fast when you're busy.  The people who are already deciding to leave Mac have already decided.  Those who haven't will wait.       I think I ready somewhere that there was going to be an intermediary upgrade between copper and optical.   I found this:   http://www.tomshardware.com/news/Thunderbolt-Cactus-Ridge-Redwood-Ridge-Falcon-Ridge-20Gbps,16369.html   TB is a developing...
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