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If you expect the iPad mini to have anything other than the same kind of LED screen than the iPad and iPhones have, you're delusional. The e-ink Kindle is a single use device, so it has the luxury of being able to just be the best thing for reading. The iPad (and presumably Mini) is multi-use: video, games, internet... Which e-ink does not do so well. I'm sure Apple is quite happy to let Amazon have the sub-$100 e-ink reader market.
It might not be individual component yields so much as assembly of the finished product. People will likely complain about the lack of a Retina screen on this device, but let's not forget the issues at play; could they put out a device thin and light, with a retina screen that gets the battery life people expect, AND at the price point people are expecting. No. As Gruber stated, price point may be one of the key design points of the device. If Apple feel they need to...
  To be fair, that would have been my strong recommendation as well, and I'm not trying to sell you anything.  Maybe the Genius has see how many iPads come back damaged, and for the $100 you know that there's no problem with repairs for the foreseeable future.  I personally wouldn't buy an iPad without AppleCare, just like I wouldn't buy a Mac without AppleCare.  Accessories and smaller items are fine without it, yes, but anything $400 it's worth it for the peace of...
  The iPhone 4 is missing the top glass.  Imagine another layer in the "Glass-metal-glass" sandwich on the iPhone4 on the right and the iPhone5 will be thinner.
  This isn't even a delivery codec, it's a distribution codec.  In most serious post scenarios, you shouldn't be dealing with h.264 footage.
Yeah, Apple's just changing these things out all the time... it's like, almost every decade!   You've got a drawer full of cables for devices you've bought (and presumably enjoyed using), and now you're going to stop buying iOS devices because you can't use your old cables anymore. So what you're saying is that the quality of the device plays no part in your purchase decision, just your ability to continue to use legacy peripherals.   Amazing...
My problem with the original iMore article is that he justifies this Fall 9.7" iPad refresh theory by pointing back to Daring Fireball's self-admitted spitballing post about why Apple MIGHT do a refresh in the fall of last year.  Gruber was never serious, and if I remember correctly said several times on the talk show he regretted the ruckus it caused.   AFTER that post all the other tech sites chimed in with their own sources, but it was just a snowball based on...
  If the phone's physical shape is changing, won't those accessories be useless anyway?   I'm sorry, but people can't decry the purported iPhone designs as not a radical enough change on one hand, while crying foul about a 10 year old cable connector on the other.
Jim Dalrymple of THE LOOP just put the lock on this with usually curt, "Yep."
  But if everything we've heard is true that's exactly what this is.  same screen width as current version, lengthened to 16:9 aspect ratio, making it a 4" screen.  You're only talking about a half-inch diagonal different between this and the current version.  It's not going to appear much larger.
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