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  If the phone's physical shape is changing, won't those accessories be useless anyway?   I'm sorry, but people can't decry the purported iPhone designs as not a radical enough change on one hand, while crying foul about a 10 year old cable connector on the other.
Jim Dalrymple of THE LOOP just put the lock on this with usually curt, "Yep."
  But if everything we've heard is true that's exactly what this is.  same screen width as current version, lengthened to 16:9 aspect ratio, making it a 4" screen.  You're only talking about a half-inch diagonal different between this and the current version.  It's not going to appear much larger.
Though there are certainly a large number of people who upgrade their phone every year, I would think the larger majority of people are on a 2-year upgrade cycle.  If we assume that's the case, I wonder which is the larger install base of existing users-  the "tick" of iPhone-->3GS-->4S users or the "tock" of 3G-->4-->this year's model users.  So besides attracting new users, the higher number may also be because there just happens to be more turnover this year than in...
The PC makes have this hilariously wrong.   The people for whom the iPad makes a wonderful, easy to use,  PC REPLACEMENT- are by and large people who would could care less about Intel's CPU releases or Mac/Windows OS releases.   These are the people who wanted all the computing that the iPad provides, but unfortunately didn't exist before 2010.  So they HAD to buy a traditional PC in order to do those things, and got a lot they didn't need in the bargain.  Power...
  Consolidation or compression of events and people is critical to pairing down a biography like this into a form that an audience can connect to.  What's the point of getting the facts right if there's no connection to Jobs as a character (person)?  Even in a movie that only spans a decade, a slavish devotion to the facts would lead to a series of connected but uninteresting vignettes, with a parade of supporting characters appearing and disappearing from scene to...
I think the one thing to remember about all this talk about fragmentation with a larger screen is that Apple DOES have an option if it wants to increase screen size while maintaining pixel density.They could bump the resolution to 1024•768, the screen density of the previous iPads. If they did that, then no new resolutions would need to be supported.But I'm more inclined to believe that they'll stick with the current screen and take the hit on ppi.
I think the only advantage to Apple of moving up to a bigger screen is that it conceivably buys them extra internal space for battery, to counteract the more power intensive LTE chipset. By going to even a 4" screen, they could make the device a bit thinner but actually gain valuable internal real-estate.
It's definitely a perception issue that's been nurtured over nearly a century. Film at 24fps has been the standard since the 20s. Whereas the higher frame rates tend to look like video, which people on a base level associate with home video. Invariably, people who make movies aspire for them to look like "movies" as they've know them. It will be a tough perception to shake. Peter Jackson's THE HOBIT is going to be 60fps, though that is mostly to counterbalance the 3D.
Someone else can check the files they've downloaded for comparison, but I have 5.16 Mbps. As someone else mentioned above, I think it would be really interesting to do a serious comparison of the various streaming services (with bluRay as a baseline). Xbox and others have had 1080 for a bit, but I've always wondered what compromises they were making just to get that label on there. And I'm not talking about a technical data rate comparison (though that would be an...
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