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I think the only advantage to Apple of moving up to a bigger screen is that it conceivably buys them extra internal space for battery, to counteract the more power intensive LTE chipset. By going to even a 4" screen, they could make the device a bit thinner but actually gain valuable internal real-estate.
It's definitely a perception issue that's been nurtured over nearly a century. Film at 24fps has been the standard since the 20s. Whereas the higher frame rates tend to look like video, which people on a base level associate with home video. Invariably, people who make movies aspire for them to look like "movies" as they've know them. It will be a tough perception to shake. Peter Jackson's THE HOBIT is going to be 60fps, though that is mostly to counterbalance the 3D.
Someone else can check the files they've downloaded for comparison, but I have 5.16 Mbps. As someone else mentioned above, I think it would be really interesting to do a serious comparison of the various streaming services (with bluRay as a baseline). Xbox and others have had 1080 for a bit, but I've always wondered what compromises they were making just to get that label on there. And I'm not talking about a technical data rate comparison (though that would be an...
You may be right on that one.
For 720, I see an "HD•SD" icon, while the 1080 files are "HD" only.
Sure, whatever...Right now, the 1080p iTunes vids I've checked out have a data rate of 5159 kbits/s, or 5.16 Mbps. That means there's still LOADS of headroom under the 25 Mbps ceiling if they want to increase the data rate.
It would be interesting to see a grab from the BluRay of this ep as a comparison benchmark. Anyone got it and can throw it up? The thing to keep in mind with all these lower bit-rate codecs is that they always look better in motion than in screen grabs.
I think we should wait to see some side-by-sides of similar frames before judging the quality of the encoding.
It's completely clear. In iTunes it tells you whether it's a 720 or 1080 file. So far in Canada I've only found 1080p tv content.
In this scenario it makes sense because Apple has been pushing AirPlay streaming with the iPad for most of the year. A higher resolution iPad almost demands a higher resolution AppleTV. So as an iPad3 accessory, it makes a lot of sense to introduce this at the event.
New Posts  All Forums: