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The software that it can run is immaterial. As a general category, PCs cover a lot of ground. It doesn't matter if a person's expectations for the device are less than a traditional PC/MAC, as long as people are buying iPads instead of desktops or laptops- the comparison is valid. Just because it doesn't meet all YOUR computing needs, doesn't mean it doesn't meet someone else's.
I doubt it. ANY interface change was bound to bring heat from people who frankly, don't want to relearn the skill set they've had for years. That's one of two big hangups people have had- 1- Feature incomplete 2- New way of working and thinking (also) 3- the meme that Apple has become a toy company and isn't interested in pros Apple was as open as they ever are (therefore not much) upon the release of FCPX in June. But people were rebuffed at the way Apple approached...
I'm betting there were a lot of people who took advantage of Adobe's cross grade offer, without the specific intention of moving to Premier, but to get AE and PS. It was a great deal, even if you never opened PP.
The only reason that I could imagine there would be a significant delay (a month vs a week) between and iPad3 announcement and launch, is to allow developers to update their apps to retina specs. On announcement day they release the beta for iOS5.1, then a month later it goes public upon the release of the iPad3. Since there was no resolution change between the iPad1 and iPad2, developers didn't need to change their apps for the new hardware.
The only reason these defined categories have any importance are so that businesses and investors can assess marketshare between competing companies. Trying to merge phones (even smartphones) and PCs doesn't help anyone assess what's happening in the computer market. But if tablets are eating PC marketshare (laptops or desktops), then then I think its tremendously important for that to be represented, and of course tablets from all makers should be included in those...
Phones have their own sales category, so no one is trying to decide whether to lump them into PC sales. So the point is moot. Tablets, however, fall into the same basic "Personal Computing" use case, even if a tablet isn't the best computer for every function. Personal Computing is it's primary function, not a secondary one. Desktops, Laptops, and Tablets are all PCs, with different form factors and different strengths. But PCs nonetheless.
I fully admit that my argument is thin, but if you were to ask someone what big cat Apple would have saved for OSX10.9, I think most would agree it would be Lion. I don't doubt that we could see iterative improvements for several years, and that this particular desktop paradigm can and likely will continue to evolve and mature. That said, if Apple did have a sea change in the works (and who knows what that means), they're not going to release a 10.8 and 10.9 and just...
I'm really surprised to not see more articles/discussions like this after the launch of 10.7. To put it in the most simplified terms, if you're naming your OS releases after big cats, shouldn't Lion logically be the "last" release of it's kind, as the "King of the beasts?". This is an enormously simple observation to put forward as evidence; but really... what do you call the next release after Lion? Do you switch animals? Or is this the end of the line for OSX as...
...and within 6 months the iPad 3 will be out (and perhaps iOS6 as well). So they'll have entirely new benchmark to be measured against.
It was proven to be bullshit the same day fcp.co posted it. Why this guy's statement was been given any credence or merit is completely beyond me. And he jumped in the same day it was published (November 25th) and told them himself they were wrong. I've already had it out with fcp.co about their reporting on this, but shame on AppleInsider for relinking and spreading this garbage. A guy in a video said it, so it must be true!
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