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Unfortunately, I'd be inclined to think that if iTunes content receives a 1080 upgrade, the aTV2 will be left behind. If Apple is going to start delivering 1080p content, it will be using a new, more processor intensive codec to deliver it. Under the current codec, an average movie might be 10-12GB.
Your downplaying of what could potentially be a doubling of processor speed aside, when a device is almost entirely a screen, a double resolution display IS a big deal. Are the only metrics you'd consider significant case design? Would you have preferred thinner and lighter with no internal improvements?
Except that attendees get hands-on time with the devices after the presentation, which those who choose to cover the event from a live stream clearly would not.Also, iPad2 event was live streamed.
The only thing I really want is for Apple to resurrect the live stream of these events. They did it for the "Back To the Mac" and "iPad2" events, then stopped (though live streaming the WWDC keynote, since it wasn't tied to any hardware announcements was probably wise...). Sifting through the liveblogs is it's own kind of fun, but a live stream would be even better. I have a feeling this is going to be a good one.
...and Jim Dalrymple at THE LOOP confirms...
Well, in terms of hardware advancement (i.e.. not the guts)- Apple can only make 3 significant changes- THICKNESS, WEIGHT, SIZE. It seems obvious that Apple are probably sticking with the 9.7" display for at least a couple more revs. The iPad2 brought us both reductions in weight and thickness. I think that the retina display technology is to a large extent going to determine if we see any movement on size and weight again this year. If they're going with the...
Regardless of all the armchair quarterbacking that's been going on, I do think that RIM is on the only course that can save it- launch a new, compelling product as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, that won't be until fall of this year. And that could well doom them, and there might not be anything they can do about it. They're shedding marketshare every quarter to iOS and Andriod, and we've got at least 2 (if not 3) more quarters before RIM can release their new...
The software that it can run is immaterial. As a general category, PCs cover a lot of ground. It doesn't matter if a person's expectations for the device are less than a traditional PC/MAC, as long as people are buying iPads instead of desktops or laptops- the comparison is valid. Just because it doesn't meet all YOUR computing needs, doesn't mean it doesn't meet someone else's.
I doubt it. ANY interface change was bound to bring heat from people who frankly, don't want to relearn the skill set they've had for years. That's one of two big hangups people have had- 1- Feature incomplete 2- New way of working and thinking (also) 3- the meme that Apple has become a toy company and isn't interested in pros Apple was as open as they ever are (therefore not much) upon the release of FCPX in June. But people were rebuffed at the way Apple approached...
I'm betting there were a lot of people who took advantage of Adobe's cross grade offer, without the specific intention of moving to Premier, but to get AE and PS. It was a great deal, even if you never opened PP.
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