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Get your eyes checked or your TV fixed.
A current HD movie is about 4GB. I believe the current generation AppleTV has 8GB of storage to buffer streaming material. So technically you could stream some 1080 movies depending on length, but for safety they'd probably have to bump the internal storage to 16GB.
If I had to guess, I'd bet that it's a point negotiated with the studios, who are worried about people being able to do screen grabs or rips of rental content on a Mac, where doing that is impossible on an iPad, iPhone, or AppleTV. You can BUY HD content on a Mac from the iTunes store, but if you've done that, there's not much point in ripping it, is there...?
Monitor size is only one half of the equation. The other is viewing distance. If you're watching a large screen closer, then you will get the benefit of higher resolutions, but smaller screens at greater distances- the human eye can't discern the greater detail. Once again, use this chart as a guide-http://s3.carltonbale.com/resolution_chart.html
There isn't anything anywhere that predates 480. And ANY feature film or TV show originally shot on film benefits from 1080p presentation, film is higher resolution than HD [Excluding formats like 8mm]. HD as a home presentation technology is a new thing, but high resolution film images go all the way back to the beginning. So saying there would be no benefit is incorrect.
I'm sorry but I just don't think that's the case. Apple has narrowed in on the machines that meet the needs of 90-95% of the market, or at least what they want for their market. Just as Apple could conceivable capture much more market share by creating a $300 Mac, dabbling in the low end isn't in their interests. And neither is trying to cater to the niches between their existing 3 desktop offerings. It's up to YOU to either reconcile your issues with those offerings. ...
Are you talking about the mythical mini tower? Do you really expect that's ever going to happen? When such a marginal part of Apple's business is even desktops, when and even smaller single digit percentage of that market is buying MacPros, how could you possibly believe that what you want is in Apple's future? For the very small minority of people buying MacPros, they want the space for expansion, so I'd be very surprised to see Apple change the current form factor in...
Decades...? BWAHAHAHAHAH!!!!
Marks comments did not AT ALL lead towards iPad connectivity. He was listing a series of general topics that were surely top of mind when Apple was working on the new FCP. There "might" be some way to leverage the iPad as an input device, but it could equally or more likely be that he was referencing the iPad as a distribution platform. The tea-leaf reading of the intentionally vague statements made by Mark and Larry Jordan are getting ridiculous. I'm glad this...
It would be huge?
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