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That's a shame. During the busy Christmas shopping season that was a place people could go for some peace and quiet to be alone.
Are they giving windows phones away for free in Europe? I know of no one here with a windows phone. Some with Android and most with iPhones of different releases.
"However, most of the second-generation units made available for the hands-on session were not actually functional"  Sooooo, just like all their other stuff.     Who's up for camping out in line to be the first to get a ZuneRT?
Are there 65 million people left in the world who would wear a new watch? Neither of my kids have ever worn any of the watches I have bought them, and none of their friends do either. Unless this replaces their phones I don't see how this rumour is possible.
Don't those countries have anti-dumping laws? And there is no dump bigger then a microcrap dump.
So when are the phone companies going to be offering all these stocked Samsungs for Buy One Get Two Free to move them off the shelves?
  But I definitely would like to buy a Tesla rather than a GM.  And probably may when the Model X comes out.  And I think so would any other sentient male who could afford one.  There is no driving reason to buy a Surface anything, at least at those prices when I can get the real deal from Apple for similar price point or an Android much much cheaper. 
1.5 million stocked in inventory somewhere maybe, but sold? How many of those 1.5 million will be landfilled?
Been using a Scan Gauge II on my Highlander Hybrid for years. This will replace it nicely.
I didn't even know Sony made phones.  They must be as popular as WIndows phones.  
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