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I love how an article about TV channels, and the cable business, turns into a pissing match between a conservative and liberal, where they demonstrate how moronic and juvenile they both are because they can't tolerate that others have opinions that differ from their own. Have your own minds boys, stopping believing everything you hear on TV, reject the desire to be identified by where you get your news.
Kinda like it did when Sprint bought Nextel, such a sham.
Thats just Fedex, they do a much better job shipping than UPS, they give you a conservative estimate but delivery is usually earlier than that. UPS on the other hand is awful, I've seen them hold my packages at facilities when it gets there earlier than expected for no reason, and will only deliver on or after the delivery date.
Not sure how much this differs from current technology. I mean great you can see album covers and have better control, but I want to see my apps in the screen, be able to watch video (when stopped of course ; ) ) be able to see maps or Navigation app, or IM. I want full integration and show no evidence that thats where its going in the video. It was more like full integration of your iPod music player, woopee!
You know its funny though, and maybe I'm in the minority, but between text, IM, facebook, email, etc, I use it less and less as a phone. It certainly isn't the most important feature to me.
Sorry , but I think you are very much in the minority there, or at least more so than you think. I'm on the internet almost 90% of the time I'm on my phone (be it mobile, or at home), about the only time I'm not is when I'm driving.Again minority, or your just not out of the country much. I find it very important to have my device with my information and data with me wherever I go. To have to get another device, that I may not be familiar with is a real PITA, and kind of...
Gazelle is offering $191 for an iPhone 3Gs (16GB) in good condition. And will lock in that price for 30 days.
hope Garmin takes note and comes to its senses.
there is a huge difference between an app or software that actually has some sort of function (productive or not) than one that is just simply an advertisement. Now if Motorola actually had the app. offer something (however stupid or pointless they want) you would have a point, otherwise this was just a scam to get some publicity.
FWIW I just don't get all the complaints about it having the glossy screen. Glossy looks much better in a perfect viewing environment where you control the lighting, which is exactly what you should have for your desktop, if you need it matte your in the minority, or have a poorly planed desktop space. Laptops on the other hand are completely hindered by the glossy screen and need a matte option, in fact the only time I can see having one glossy is if your were using it...
New Posts  All Forums: