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thanks cbrandy and cloud167, wish it can solve my problem
Video Converter for Mac works. After importing video files, u will find Disable Audio option in the right setting area, then just check True, then the audio will be removed from the video file. moreover, it supports almost all video file formats
thanks sophie... but i work under Windows, do u know any such software for Windows?
Hi guys, here is my problem: I have some DVDs, the subtitles’ position is not very suitable, thus partial image is covered by subtitles when playing movie. I tried some DVD rip software, which can convert movies to other formats along with subtitles but can’t change the subtitle position. That’s perhaps because I didn’t find the related settings. Could someone recommend me a DVD rip software that can adjust subtitle position freely? and tell me how to set. No matter...
MP4Converter.net has published a software called Video Convert for Mac recently, it seems to be the one u needed. It’s a shareware, not going to give a link, u can download it and have a try.
I know a tool called MP4Converter DVD Ripper (not free) can do the three u asking, if u work under Mac.
I've ripped a non-protected dvd to my computer, containing .VOB Files, I'm trying to Convert the VOB Files to .AVI (MPEG4 or Divx). There are 5 .VOB Files, On some of them, there is unwanted material. Is there a program out there i can edit out some things, and than convert? thanks
Start MP4Converter dvd ripper, import your DVDs, click Trim button on the interface to enter Trim dialog box, then u can use Set Begin and Set End button to make your TV DVDs "single episodes to single files" one by one. Meanwhile, Dvd ripper also can select to output APPLE TV MPEG-4 in Profiles.
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