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hmmm.  Now I have to run out and get one while stock is still around.   sigh.   Still can't beat the capacity.
I hope there is a setting to turn translucency off. W7 came with it here at work and it was beyond distracting having other things show through while you are trying to read text. I'm not sure exactly how this is supposed to be helpful to a user...
I'm surprised so many are cheering Bento's demise. It wasn't the best, but it was easy to use and had an easy sync between phone and computer. The replacement isn't only expensive, it's a professional program for database folks, and offers no real connectivity between devices. Even looking the FM pages today, it's all about "This the solution for your business". Why exactly is this big business software going to be a good solution for my mom that just wants to keep...
I'd love to get data OUT of contacts. Got forbid I need to do a mail merge or such....
Agreed, applelunatic. I can't see anything positive for the users if FB buys Waze
  The problem with online mode - is EA has to be there and want to support the game.   What happens if in 6 months EA decides it's not worth it and shuts down their Sim City servers.   Too bad for us?   
I'm waiting for an update Aperture. Light Room is getting cooler with each release while Aperture languishes...
Honestly, how big can these phones get before they don't really fit in your pocket any more?
I hate the delays, but still handed over my money
We have previous versions of the iphone for $99. How cheap do you want? It's the phone plans that are killing us, not the cost of the phone. (Curious what the Tmobile plan will be with their unsubsidized iphone plans...)
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