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I think the ONE thing that ticks me off about the whole thing is that SURE, he's resigning, but he won't leave office until AFTER the elections. So what he's doing is stonewalling the possibility of an election to fill the empty governors seat. According to the NJ Constitution, if a void opens up in the governors seat prior to 60 days from the general election, they (NJ) can vote for a new Gov. BUT if a void opens within that 60 day zone, you have to wait until the next...
Happened to me the other day, I was like WTF!? Had to force Restart... Mac Guru
Only if you're wasted!
I have that exact machine, (128MB more RAM than her though) and Panther purrs like a dream. I'm ticked about the iChat AV video thing and I emailed Unsanity and they said they'd look into hacking it Mac Guru
I have no idea what you're talking about, I've NEVER had to create mutiple style docs to get my page to look right in multiple browsers. Obviously you'd have to hack something if you're doing something that's not well supported, but then you're asking for trouble. If you use standard CSS 1 and well supported CSS 2 elements you should be perfectly fine. Mac Guru
Impossible as the current version of Konfabulator doesn't allow for direct text input. It is planned for a future release though. Mac Guru
If you're gonna bother faking 10.3 make it worth our time! I could care less what the COPY window looks like... I want relevant 10.3 shots if there are any. Mac Guru
Uhhhhh WHY must everyone use SpyMac or Deviantart... Get a free account here only catch is you can't upload anything over 1MB in size with a free account. But at least they don't block remote images. Mac Guru
Shhhh my sources are on to me! :P Mac Guru
Guys I can't say much but I smuggled this out in my pants last night, I can't answer any questions.... Mac Guru
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