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This is off topic. Is anyone else having trouble browsing the mobile version of this site on iOS? Recently it just displays a blank page when you click on a post. I'm union iPhone 4S, iOS 5x, mobile safari.
HTC's problem started when Apple expanded to more carriers. Simple as that. HTC will be finished the day the iPhone 4 becomes free on contract.
This just Tim Cook doubling down on secrecy. No more subliminal messages for ya'll.
Adam Lashinsky: Talk about your strength and weaknesses as CEO.  Tim Cook: I think you're the best to do that. I think you should do that.    Smack down! 
So what will Gtenka and AppMagenta do next?
ads or adds?
Guys, what do you think will happen when iPhone 4 becomes free on contract on all carriers? It's going to be crazy!
iPad 2? iPad 3? Benefited? December quarter? Are we already in 2013?
lol lol lol
You have 3.7 billion appointments.
New Posts  All Forums: