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If it's the same issue I've had, try switching to Login Window and selecting the account there instead of directly Fast User Switching between accounts. Haven't checked yet if it's fixed on Yosemite.
Same here, landnsea. Actually, it never installs when restarting. Thought it might be FileVault interfering but disabling it didn't help. Left it as-is for now.
  The feeder extension optionally supports Notifications and (less intrusively) its toolbar badge displays the new article count.  Even though it only displays article titles it's been a satisfying replacement for Safari's built-in functionality for a few feeds I prefer monitoring directly from the browser.  For the majority of feeds I've always used dedicated OS X and iOS apps feed reader apps.
  Which post were you replying to?
  Consistently reproducible here.
  I mostly use smart playlists (close to 150 of 'em, yikes) but regular playlists are still useful for certain, usually more temporary, purposes,   So far the sorting mixup on my largest manually sorted playlist is my biggest issue because of how much time I'd put into that.  It's not serious enough to try reconstructing and easier to forget than other irrecoverable content (e.g. non-metadata) loss might be.     Help > Keyboard Shortcuts could be more pervasive, accurate,...
  Typing the first letter(s) of what you're searching for (in supported views) can make it even quicker.
  [Composing inline quoted replies with this post editor is a )(*&@#$ PitA!  Must find a way to disable it…]   Re:   1) The combination of menu/button styles, plus the not-context-dynamic-enough cloud icon, below the bottom bezel looks weird to me.  Actually looks cleaner in the iTunes Store.   2) Keyboards I currently use support Fn-Left/Right Arrow for Home/End and Fn-Up/Down Arrow for PageUp/PageDown.   3) I vaguely remember noticing an iTS button submenu in some...
  Search field usage is goofy (for me) in the device view.  It can't be deselected (with Sidebar hidden) once it it's been selected unless you're in the "On This " pane.  Input will show non-device library search results if "Search Entire Library" is enabled.  Otherwise the background text always seems to display "Search Playlist", never showing results for any input.   Other issues I've noticed:   - Unlike previous updates, this one messed up sort order in some...
  Nope, it's at least eight and definitely dynamic under certain conditions.  These other three appear here for Music:   (4.5) Videos (6) Radio (7) Match   Videos would probably disappear if there were no music videos in the library.  Radio can be disabled under Preferences > General.  Not sure why Match is there, having never used it (yet).  Maybe clicking "No Thanks" on that screen would make it disappear but I want to leave it as-is for now.
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