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  I don't follow your reasoning since there are already more (eight) "tabs buttons" visible with the Music view than the Movies view.
  Sounds similar to using Option-Delete to permanently delete items selected in (smart) playlists.   I'd sure like to know how long will current iCloud items will be retained before deleting local copies.     I'll also send Apple some feedback about Playlists enhancements.  Likely I'll prefer normally keeping the traditional sidebar hidden, too.   [OT:Is there a way to disable AI's WYSIWYG editor?  It's way more interfering than useful for me while composing/editing...
  Got it - thanks.  Disabling it under Preferences makes it go away.  I was confused with it still displayed even after selecting every individual "Hide in the Cloud" option.     Good example.  Having only recently started playing with Apple TV, I noticed how it filters out any TV Shows in a mixed Movies+TV Shows playlist that it displays under the Movies section and any Movies from that same playlist when its displayed under the TV Shows sections.  I can...
  And presumably still display all playlists because trying to display only media-specific playlists could be confused by mixed media playlists and nested playlist folders.     It's Home Video(s).   Thanks for the tip.   I discovered the Command-<#> shortcut switches between the major library categories.  Anyone know of shortcuts for navigating between top row buttons?  And I still haven't figured out what the cloud icon next to the category menu signifies.
And I'm probably at least as pickily annoyed by that as you.
Deemphasizing the desktop/office/file/folder metaphor where it's remained stubbornly, overly dominant can't happen soon enough for me. Some of the iOSification of OS X, for better and/or worse, seems like one way Apple's moving more in that direction.
Try ClickToPlugin, from the same developer.
You remember incorrectly. QuickTime 7 installation/usage definitely doesn't depend on Rosetta. [edit: as mentioned by someone else]
Nice!Thanks for the suggestion; it's definitely worth a try.
Not sure what you're saying, especially followed up with:Since I'm satisfied using a 2007 MBP, and can't afford to "recycle" it anyway, it doesn't seem like a "source of abandonment". I know Apple prefers not supporting older hw/sw, but they've seemed particularly aggressive abandoned iOS 3.x.
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