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Wow, seems like forever since anyone replied and agreed with me on this forumÂ… thanks! Even if you'd disagreed just an acknowledgment makes me feel like it's worth posting since usually my comments seem drowned out by more prolific posters.
And "bought" video, too, like EyeTV MPEG-2 recordings without the time-consuming export conversion for aTV compatibility that Elgato's FAQ is currently suggesting. Maybe unsupported video formats won't be as dramatic for aTV as if the iPod hadn't support MP3 but I still think it's an important issue from the perspective of potential customers. Isn't it obvious that aTV has a higher chance of general success by supporting popular formats like DivX/XviD and MPEG-2,...
For storing synched content, basically explained in Apple TV - Sync with iTunes.
Seems foolish to store a primary iTunes library (or any other data intended to be kept [semi-]permanently) on a device that can't be backed up. Right now Apple TV's HD only seems intended for temporarily caching iTunes library content.
I'd like MPEG-2 compatibility.
I don't have your exact issues, but am using a combination of Tuffmail and personal IMAP servers. Tuffmail is the most reliable cost-effective IMAP and MX provider I've found with enough granularity of control to manage my many unique addresses in several domains. Its Account Manager can be as daunting as it is powerful/flexible. I don't need "infinite" offsite storage capacity since only a subset of mail is saved at Tuffmail. The webmail clients (SquirrelMail, IMP,...
The WRT350N is still a pre-order item at Amazon (US) with no reviews. Maybe you mean the three-star-rated WRT300N?
Glad to help. My Canon LiDE 50 scanner can't be shared via Image Capture, but my wife's Canon SD200 camera can.
Any new topic will quickly become redundant.
Anyone know if USB scanners and other USB devices sharable with Image Capture can be shared via AirPort Extreme USB, or is it limited to printers and disks?
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