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I have a few third party QuickTime components installed in /Library/QuickTime and they don't interfere with this update which only affects these files/folders: Code: % lsbom /Library/Receipts/SecUpd2007-001Ti.pkg/Contents/Archive.bom . 41775 0/80 ./System 40755 0/0 ./System/Library 40755 0/0 ./System/Library/Frameworks 40755 0/0 ./System/Library/Frameworks/QuickTime.framework 40755 ...
I intentionally omitted names to protect the innocent.
I think you're giving quite a few people who do that more credit for having technical savvy than they deserve.
Saying that third party add-ons (however you're defining them) are known to cause issues with updates (such as?) is too vague to be of much help, IMO. It's much better to disable what, for example? I can't recall any third party software ever interfering with any OS X updates I've done since 10.1, though I don't use APE/Haxies if those are in the category of add-ons you're talking about.
Using L4 for iPhone OS X would certainly trigger a lot more speculation about it being a Mach replacement for Mac OS X.
Any calendaring I do is well served by the excellent DateBk6 on my Palm PDA without synching with iCal, Palm Desktop, or other desktop app. I'd like something analogously impressive (not identical) to DateBk on an iPhone, if developers with as much talent and dedication as C. E. Steuart Dewar are given that opportunity.
And what if what you "can guarantee" is wrong? I can guarantee there's no certainty in your speculations.
Have you watched any EyeTV recordings on your 37" TV? Sounds painful.
Maybe Elgato, Miglia, or someone else will release new PVR products that record directly to 720p MPEG-4 and/or H.264 formats compatible with ATV? The current option of exporting quickly becomes tediously time-consuming, especially H.264. EyeTV 200 has limited MPEG-4 support, as mentioned in my previous post. I'm not aware of H.264 recorders of any type (I haven't looked); do they even exist at a reasonable price/performance ratio?
Which EyeTV do you have? My EyeTV 200 has the option to save recordings directly to MPEG-4 but the quality was worse than the already not-so-hot MPEG-2 when I did some testing awhile ago. Plus MPEG-2 obviously makes DVD-Video burning more convenient. I just checked EyeTV products listed under Preferences > Devices in the software (v2.3.2) and only the 200 has MPEG-4 as a Quality option. They dropped that (and switched from FW to USB) on the newer 250. Neither support...
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